Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine

Cultivating a Love for MushroomsCultivating a Love for Mushrooms
Cultivating a Love for Mushrooms

It’s not difficult to fall in love with the wonder of mushrooms. From small, light, and delicate, to rich, meaty and dense, these little powerhouses hold the secrets to youth and longevity. They are truly magical in their abilities to heal and nourish at every level of the human experience.

Apr 12, 2022 Issue 6 - Cultivation
Fusing Health and EducationFusing Health and Education
Fusing Health and Education

How does a business combine both health and education in order to not only satisfy consumer needs, but also equip them with invaluable life changing knowledge, staked on evidence-based research? A difficult task indeed, however one such group of dedicated individuals have sought to accomplish just that ...

Apr 12, 2022 Issue 6 - Cultivation
Cultivating a LegendCultivating a Legend
Cultivating a Legend

When you find a natural or alternative medicine in a heath store or through an online vendor, it’s hard to tell very much about its origin, how it’s cultivated or what it looks like in its natural habitat. At Kratom For South Africa, we pride ourselves on Premium Quality. Our products are all 100% Organic and sourced ...

Apr 12, 2022 Issue 6 - Cultivation
Healing As Nature IntendedHealing As Nature Intended
Healing As Nature Intended

We want change, but will we be that change? How often do you stop and look at yourself, not in the sense of your reflection in the mirror, I’m talking about who you are in this world and how it all works?

Apr 12, 2022 Issue 6 - Cultivation
Phyto-infused SkincarePhyto-infused Skincare
Phyto-infused Skincare

The Hemp Cream. Your phyto-infused skincare, with visible results. Did you know that the majority of small businesses, are inspired by passion and not motivated by money? According to a Cox Business Survey quoted in The Business News Daily, only 8% of small businesses ...

Apr 12, 2022 Issue 6 - Cultivation
The Secret IngredientThe Secret Ingredient
The Secret Ingredient

Stanford CBD has been producing CBD products since early 2020. The products were created due to necessity and after much research we decided to produce our own cream for personal use and with some help we produced a cream which really worked and surpassed our wildest expectations.

Apr 12, 2022 Issue 6 - Cultivation
CBD For PetsCBD For Pets
CBD For Pets

Considerations For Treating Your Creatures. Pets are family, and as their caretakers, we often feel the primal responsibility to do whatever we can to help them. And so, whilst an increasing number of the population discovers relief from different physical and mental infirmities ...

Feb 17, 2022 Issue 5 - Innovation

High Prana And The Bliss Molecule. According to Myron Krost from Canna Trade Africa, “Cannabis is not a drug but a medicine. This is rediscovery of ancient knowledge. This is not theory. This is fact.

Feb 17, 2022 Issue 5 - Innovation
The Endocannabinoid SystemThe Endocannabinoid System
The Endocannabinoid System

You have 12 systems, Not 11. All human beings are coded to be built with a few life giving systems in place. These systems are your: 1. Circulatory or cardiovascular system 2. Digestive or excretory system 3. Endocrine system responsible for hormones ...

Feb 17, 2022 Issue 5 - Innovation
Backed By Big PharmaBacked By Big Pharma
Backed By Big Pharma

Medicinal cannabis; one of the most widely debated health topics to engage society, more so, scientists, doctors, pharma companies and of course the general public in living memory.

Feb 17, 2022 Issue 5 - Innovation
The Future of WellnessThe Future of Wellness
The Future of Wellness

CBD is helping to establish cannabis as a legitimate product in the wellness market. Cannabis is such a personalised and customised therapeutic plant, and dosing is very individualised, and although it is also metabolised differently there is a huge amount of interest ...

Feb 17, 2022 Issue 5 - Innovation
The Healthy MixThe Healthy Mix
The Healthy Mix

Some research has revealed that humans have cultivated cannabis as a food source for millennia. Marijuana seeds naturally come in a range of colours including white, cream, and green when they are immature.

Feb 17, 2022 Issue 5 - Innovation