THE FUTURE OF WELLNESSCBD is helping to establish cannabis as a legitimate product in the wellness market. Cannabis is such a personalised and customised therapeutic plant, and dosing is very individualised, and although it is also metabolised differently there is a huge amount of interest in the patient community regarding what (over-the-counter) CBD can do and what it can't do.
CBD, the more commonly known name for cannabidiol, is one of more than a hundred compounds found in the cannabis plant, and while there are several perceptions within the public around the benefits of CBD consumption, the most widely known fact about CBD is that it is non-psychoactive.
The legalisation of pot was a formality – to some. License to smoke up without that nagging cop-phobia to ruin the high. But this reaches far beyond the stoner community: South Africa finds itself in a full-on cannabis revolution. It’s no longer about being promoted from a dealer to a budtender – the entire consumer market is evolving to cater toward buyers who aren’t really “pot people.”

While the current market seems to be directed at the younger male stereotype, the growth is toward an older, more female crowd. The industry isn’t targeting the college kid hotboxing his dorm room every night – he’s going to smoke regardless – it’s the 45 year old yoga instructor and her accountant husband they’re after.

This new market has something for everyone: THC toothpicks for dad to get his buzz on discreetly as he watches the evening news. A peppermint for mom. Vegan chai for a yogi’s pregame. Stimulating sex creams for your sweetheart. A berry crumble for grandma.
Curating and simplifying this market for new customers are a number of new apps too.
Replacing your usual glass of wine at the end of a dreary day, you could take the time to enjoy a THC chocolate bar, a CBD massage, perhaps a yoga session with some whacky tobbacky as your scented aromatherapy oil of choice, or a cannabis-infused roll in the hay, instead. It's a complex relationship with a plant that can provide incredible well-being and wellness - but you have to be willing to put in the work.
Or you could smoke a blunt and pass out on the couch
for old times’ sake.

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