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According to Myron Krost from Canna Trade Africa, “Cannabis is not a drug but a medicine. This is rediscovery of ancient knowledge. This is not theory. This is fact. 
Medical marijuana was discovered by scientists in the 1950’s. Cannabis has come up time and time again, and now we know why - The ECS.”

“It’s the bliss molecule. Anandamide will travel and pair with the receptor and the human being will feel a state of bliss or happiness. Feeling happy is not just a mind thing, it is a physical thing.”

Krost said, “Now, we run a programme to boost this 12th system, the Endocannabinoid System, and to create awareness of cannabinoids and the benefits of them. All humans are suffering from something. So, when people come to us at The Greenside, we tell them - let’s begin with a programme. Let’s explain to you that you have an Endocannabinoid System. Let’s help you understand what cannabinoids are. Let’s explain to you why organic foods can be used as physical medicine. All of sudden, you’re 50 percent better even before dealing with the symptoms. Before medical shamans - and those in the holistic health sector - tackle ailment or disease, they tackle homeostasis. Once you’re in homeostasis, everything starts to work better.”
Krost also explained that humans are all crazy about organic foods and nutrition.
He said, “However, nutrition will not stop you from dying or stop you from catching the cold. So what are we talking about? Yes, nutrition is important. But let’s move beyond that and say that we need to eat to live; we need to eat food that allows us to live. We need vitality - Prana! We, as humans, need to chase nutrition, understand what it is, but we need to also understand Prana - that certain foods give us life force. If food gives us Prana, this stops us from getting sick. If you are living pranically, and your body is in homeostasis and you have high frequency, your body knows how to get rid of that ailment or sickness. Why? Well because you have high prana.”
Going back 2000 years ago was the end of the last Ice Age and the last evolutionary stand for man.
Looking back at the San People, he says “Look at Hunter Gatherer Man. We have changed alot since then. The San settled, they became the Khoi San. They didn’t move around as much. They learnt how to domesticate. If you go back to modern San Khoi, they started to change as humans. The modern-day San is linked to their ancestors, this means by default that we as humans are, in a general sense, the same. Therefore, being the same, we have the same mental chemical make-up. The chemical composition and framework of our brain has improved. We use our brains better these days. On a molecular level, the brain is like a piano that has multiple keys and every key links to a meridian. If you don’t feed these keys, the meridian doesn’t work. When you eat organic veg, we are missing 70 minerals and vitamins because the soil is different today than it was. Big Farmer Veggies, like I like to call them, are those ‘Farmaceutical’ vegetables.
Food As Real Medicine
Krost said, “Farm means Food As Real Medicine is our saying at The Greenside. Out there, there are two types of organic vegetables and if you are serious about your health, your nutrition, homeostasis and the Endocannabinoid System you will buy vegetables that are certified organic. There is only one farm in the area that we use who have actual certified, organic vegetables. A farm will pay certification fees to Ceres. That is how you know vegetables are certified. Certified organic fruit and vegetables are not sprayed and last up to two weeks and you buy these if you care about Food As Real Medicine.”

He continued, “We need to stop being so gullible when it comes to our fruit and veg and start being more discerning. We need to wake up and find out how vegetables and fruit are grown. We need to ask farmers and stores to show their certification. Go organic, shop with us. We need to get healthy to feed our keys! We need to put back everything into our diet that was in our soil back then - the soil of the San.
We need to think - how did your hunter gatherer ancestors eat? And then eat that. We need to get Vulvic Acid, use it in your water. This is from the soil of the past.”

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