ISSUE 6Fusing Health and EducationBruce CoetzeeHow does a business combine both health and education in order to not only satisfy consumer needs, but also equip them with invaluable life changing knowledge, staked on evidence-based research?
A difficult task indeed, however one such group of dedicated individuals have sought to accomplish just that and have done so through setting a benchmark in product quality coupled with their ongoing efforts in educating individuals through instrumental work in formulating legal and education support frameworks, with regard to the local South African Hemp and CBD industry.

Elixinol began its introduction to the South African market in 2016 and has established a president within the local CBD Full Spectrum market. The company was founded by Paul Benhaim, an incredibly dedicated and passionate individual, who has brought together a team both locally and abroad that can proudly stand by their products.
Anthony Cohen and Paul Benhaim began their journey in 1991, following in-depth research centred around human longevity opened the doors in exploring questions surrounding the use of natural medicines, as a means to improve the quality and sense of fulfilment the majority of people continually strive for in life. They Launched in Europe and Africa and offer an array of CBD Full Spectrum products, derived from Organic Grade – A Hemp. The hemp itself is grown under the strictest standards on farms in Eastern Europe.

The CBD Hemp oil used in all Elixinol product is extracted from hemp, while selective breeding produces plants with higher concentrations of CBD, and low levels of THC. Elixinol CBD Hemp oil was manufactured in Europe for South African and European markets, now being produced locally for SA and hope to export to Elixinol worldwide and is subjected to extensive testing prior to shipment. The rigorous tests essentially ensure consistent product potency, and also include tests that identify heavy metals and microbiological contamination or the presence of pesticides in the oil.
With careers that have seen both actively involved in the CBD market globally, it is with a sound understanding and grasp of how to best offer the full benefits of their Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil, in a variety of accessible user-friendly methods, that has seen them establish a firm footing and loyal client base in a competitive industry.

Through utilising Supercritical CO2 extraction methods, coupled with the specialised methods of delivery, Elixinol can guarantee that they stay true to the passion and commitment. The current standing on Full Spectrum CBD health benefits lies in a multitude of phytonutrients, found within the hemp plant. Over 400 of these vital compounds have been identified thus far, and by capitalising on the full array of compounds encompassed within the plant, and through harnessing their full healing ability the company can offer consumers both convenience and effective products.

Above and beyond these significant attributes the oil is designed to act directly on our endocannabinoid system, which is responsive via our CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout the body.
Elixinol do run a comprehensive, easy to use website, and have a Facebook page where users can view informative posts and products. Included in the website menu is an option whereby clients can register and enjoy information regarding CBD and its remarkable healing abilities.

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