Author: Tiny Town Despite the bumps and bruises that came along with opening on 6 June 2020 (Yes, COVID season), Tiny Town is still here fighting for happy days! EVERYDAY! And that's primarily due to our members' ongoing support, Grow One Africa's wise guidance and the help of our sister clubs. We cannot thank GOA enough for believing in our idea from the start and playing an integral role in turning it into a reality. The past two years have taken us for quite a ride. Stefan, Marnus, Belinda & Kathleen took the leap, and we've never looked back. Tiny Town will forever be our baby. We are so proud of our Club and our growth these last two years.
Tiny Town promises to be there for you as a community, ally, and a source of accountability in building towards our greater purpose. We share resources and helpful environmental, social, and governance sustainability guides. It's our goal to come together in creating a cannabis industry that we can feel genuinely proud of, to support the local and small growers in our community and most importantly, to offer our members the private space to enjoy the fruits of their labour!
Tiny Town offers our members loads of activities;
from our famous Tiny skate ramp, ping pong, PlayStation and games section to the variety of events we host for the community to come together and socialize. We also support several community events and charity drives to give back to the community that is such a part of our lives. We make sure there's something for everyone. And this, of course, includes their taste buds. Our chefs at Wicked Café have dreamed up an epic menu for our everyday members, but their infused dining experiences have become legendary.

It's long been known that cannabis increases the senses and, therefore, one's appetite. It enhances food just like wine, so it's only natural that it seems to fit so well into the fine dining experience. We wanted to offer our members a unique, mouth-watering experience. To get dressed up, go out and mingle with like-minded people to enjoy some incredible explosions of flavours.

Our members love these events, and we usually sell out within the first week of announcing the event. Wicked Café's chef, Leandi, keeps the menu fresh and creates a new menu for each event. The feedback has been incredible! Our members love the classy spin on these infused dishes. Before these events, edibles were the only option for satisfying your cannabis taste buds.

With cannabis culture growing, the long overdue views on acceptance are breaking new ground every day. People are becoming increasingly interested in exploring all the new tantalizing ways to enjoy cannabis socially with others. Cannabis is a source of joy, relaxation and comfort for many people.
Coming together with members, friends, partners, and family to break bread and share happy times is simply taking it to the next level.