Author: Bruce Cowie Thanks to a growing distrust of the pharmaceutical industry and an abundance of free online information, people are more informed about their physical and mental health issues than at any other time. Our lifestyles and diets are changing, and so are our ideas about medicine. Natural medicine is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and many health-conscious consumers are exploring many of these natural options as alternatives to traditional prescription medications. Medical doctors are also starting to open their minds to the undeniable benefits of certain herbs, plants and natural substances, and it's becoming commonplace for pharmacists and physicians to prescribe things like turmeric, ginger, ginseng and garlic for their immune boosting and, in some cases even disease-fighting potential.
People just generally seem to be less dismissive of natural health products and more open to the idea of treating their minds and bodies more holistically. Healing herbs and mysterious spices are valued for their health benefits and are regularly incorporated into smoothies and salads.

For those that suffer from long-term illnesses like cancer, there are several herbal remedies and natural therapies that can improve overall health. Still, pain management can become a problematic burden that takes an additional toll on the body when it is already weakened. Potent prescription painkillers can be essential to help patients live more comfortably and improve the quality of their lives. Still, the long-term use of those chemicals can take a substantial physical and mental toll and cause a multitude of unpleasant side effects.
In some cases, plant-based alternatives and holistic medicines like Kratom could help these patients manage their pain and relieve some of their symptoms; by using less harmful substances that have a milder effect on the digestive system and fewer unwanted side effects.

Many cancer patients who have chosen to treat themselves with natural medicines report positive results using Kratom for the management of both chronic and acute pain. Kratom has a similar but milder pharmacological action to traditional opioid painkillers but offers an additional mood-elevating and energy-boosting effect that can reduce some of the debilitating and draining effects of long-term pain. It also effectively controls pain overnight without causing insomnia or stomach issues that could disturb and interrupt healthy sleeping patterns.

Others have had similar results and reported positive benefits by utilising natural pain remedies like Kratom in combination with their prescribed pain medication to use lower doses of the pharmaceuticals ultimately. 
Obviously, with the unfortunate lack of solid information and research into alternative medicine and natural substances, discussing your options with your doctor is always recommended to establish the safest treatment for your individual health problems.
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