Author: Cailin Fourie As a kid, re-designing or changing your bedroom layout was possibly one of the most exciting things. However, this exercise can be equally exciting and even practical to adults, and you might be surprised how beneficial it can be to rearrange your living space. How energy flows in and around your space can be manipulated by rearranging objects to create a more balanced flow of energy. Fengshui is a Chinese art rooted in Taoism, and this practice aims to create balance and harmony through the way objects are arranged in your home. Fengshui relies on the five elements: wind, water, earth, and fire.
Every space has an energy flow, and the way objects are placed with each other allows for either a harmonious, free-flowing chi (life force or energy) or stifled erratic energy. The colour, size, shape, texture, and shade of each object in your space decide how the energy flows through that space.

If you're feeling stagnant energy, decluttering might be the best first step to take. Using a sort-and-discard method makes clearing out your white elephants easier. Start by sorting through all the objects in a room. If you haven't used it recently, discard it. Removing unused or unwanted items removes energy blockages from your space, allowing your chi to flow more freely. You can donate unwanted items to a charity shop or hospice near you.
Another step to creating better energy flow is fresh air. Allow every room to have an open window for fresh air to enter. Adding plants to your space can also promote increased oxygen supply and add colour and vibrance to the room. Colour plays an integral part in the energy of a room, as you can create the mood you want by using cool colours such as blue or green for a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Plants are particularly suited for this purpose, as green symbolises new life, growth and freshness - all powerful positive energy influences.

Separation of spaces is a crucial aspect in improving your fengshui. You train your brain to cooperate with your goal in a particular space by detaching work areas from living or relaxation areas. This means when you are in your bedroom, avoid doing work or activities that you relate to your career. Doing this will naturally create an energy of recharging and relaxation for yourself. The same concept applies to establishing a space that is conducive to working.

Positive, free-flowing energy can be created by having a decluttered space, with objects arranged in harmonious balance. Plant life and calm colours contribute to this as well. Keeping your bed facing away from a window is very important in the energy manipulation of Fengshui.
In short- good feng shui can be created and felt in two ways. The first way is using the principles the Chinese have been utilising for centuries to manipulate the energy flow in a space for your benefit. The second aspect cannot be learned but is felt.