Turning Green to Silver
Author: SilverLeaf InvestmentsMuch has transpired in South Africa since the 2018 Constitutional Court ruling regarding cannabis and its legal accessibility framework; yet legislation for trade is not in place yet and the industry is constrained, particularly financially. Recent data now reflects that over 30 countries are or plan to capitalise, on domestic revenue and job creation initiatives, by implementing cannabis legalisation at a national level. The cannabis industry transcends expectations in terms of evolving with phenomenal expediency, purely through the substantial economic value it presents. Still, it remains a difficult asset class to invest in with opportunity yet startup risk. Subsequently, many social and financial advantages could be seen as almost inevitable by engaging the best sound professional investment advice available.
Silverleaf Investments, as its name suggests, is South Africa’s first Cannabis and Hemp investment fund that seeks to enable and fund all parts of the cannabis value chain. In addition it seeks to change the narrative on Cannabis and to also"Build a bridge, between the green and the suit". They are a leading investment fund company based in Sandton, South Africa. The dynamic team of industry specialists and seasoned business veterans comprises a diverse and formidable selection of experience and skills, not only limited to financial advisory and investment services but also deeply ingrained in the multitude of cannabis industry functions, from growers to brands, production and retail.

Spearheaded by CEO Darryl Weisz, and non-executive directors Clifford Giesenow and Pierre van de Hoven, both industry veterans, this team are scouring the industry for opportunities and ‘kissing frogs’ to find the green gold. Clifford’s track record in the technology, real estate and cannabis industry, coupled with further experience and dynamic perspective gained as, founder of Leafolo and Taste of Cannabis and co-founder of the Cannabis Trade Association Africa, has enabled him to have a wide and diverse view of the industry, and to have established an extensive network. Pierre van de Hoven stands on equal footing with an academic background that boasts Chartered accountant (CA) and Chartered Marketer qualifications and includes an MBA from Henley Business school in the UK. Last in his extensive list of achievements is a master’s degree from the Cannabis Training University in the USA.

Silverleaf Investments is fundamentally and strategically centred on providing a low-risk, positive return through realising the immense opportunities that beckon from the new and fledgling domestic cannabis industry.
Understanding the risks and benefits that investors and canna centric businesses can gain through expert and sound financial facilitation that encompasses expansion readiness and extensive business planning analysis, has seen the team review quite a number of companies todate since launch. In the last year they have made two investments: into a licensed cultivation facility and into a quality testing laboratory.
"We are a high impact venture fund that delivers returns by leveraging finance in order to accelerate growth and enablethe cannabis and hemp industry in South Africa".
The humble and intrinsic values which have seen the early stage success at Silverleaf are based on a focus of encompassing both "investment ready cannabis sector businesses" and also a proactive, "hands-on" approach through their Pipeline strategy, which seeks to identify, "best of breed" companies to invest in across the entire cannabis supply chain. 
The Greenhouse Accelerator programme offers an "incubator" service to businesses that are not yet investment ready but meet the detailed selection process, whereby the structured entrepreneurship development programme takes selected candidates through concise educational coursework that also includes guidance assisted by mentors. The programme is aimed at imparting valuable skills at a business and personal level as the upscaling process comes into focus.

Silverleaf Investments offers a detailed synopsis of interests and services online, with an easy-to-navigate and understand investment services and application summary. If you are interested in investing in the lucrative cannabis market or seeking partners to help guarantee success in turning that" green to silver, " Silverleaf Investments can provide that "silver lining" in your journey to success. 

Check them out at www.silverleafinvestments.co.za to begin participating in this early stage sunrise industry based on a transformative plant that is now being unlocked.