Tree of Life Wellness
The Story of a Successful Franchise
Author: Druids Garden Creation is born of chaos, unknowns, energy and belief. Tree of Life Wellness is no different. To have a vison of Medicinal Excellence in the Cannabis world is one thing, but to make it a reality is another issue all together. The current Cannabis landscape is in Chaos as a new industry struggles to find a place and niche in the legal business world. Above all else we have a moral responsibility to present medicine to the public, remove the embedded stigma of Cannabis and highlight its amazing medicinal qualities.
Druids Garden having a Research Permit for ‘Commercial Cannabis Research,’ is a cornerstone of the ‘Tree of Life Wellness Stores; The stores focus, and vision is of ‘Intentional Wellness,’ – This has subsequently created the largest research project submitted to SAHPRA [South African Health Products Regulatory Authority] of 1488 people and over 30 ailments proving conclusively – Cannabis makes a difference, and provides a better quality of life and relief of pain.

The research aspect and the difficulty of dealing with retailers, provides a solution in the TOLW and Druids Garden partnership who share a Medicinal Cannabis Vision.

The writing of the documents was an inordinate amount of work, Business Plan, Franchise Agreements, Operational Manual and the other important documents like Policy and Procedures and the all-important security, and health and safety protocols. Creating a new Retail Store where none existed before was a daunting task.
Many hours of research later based on the legislative framework and the various rulings, laws and developments in the world resulted in a pre-emptive compliance document for Tree of Life Wellness – Intentional Wellness. Every single piece of legislation regarding Cannabis was download and read including the framework documents from the WHO [World Health Organization] to SAHPRA.
The formulation of the vision is based on “Preemptive Compliance.” Understanding the various moral obligations to supply Wellness Medicine in a safe and compliant way was born. Study of the various recommendation for compliance and packaging, warning labels and guidelines for the future of the industry were embraced and implemented. We pay VAT which makes us proud to be contributing to the South African economy and providing jobs and business for several other businesses from label printers to cartons and bottles.

Having the solid Druids Garden tried and tested products behind the project is a major part of the Franchises success. Being able to speak to people and having them commit to reasons why they wanted to use cannabis, is a solid part of the business and helped frame the direction and development of medicinal products. This is a basis of the successful research that is running.

The growth of the franchises, we have eight, means consistent delivery and manufacture. We concluded a product distribution contract with Druids Garden and other companies. Cannabis is Traditional Medicine, so we have knowledgeable and experienced Traditional Indigenous Knowledge Doctors available for consultation at all times. Druids Garden is a licensed facility that produces CBD tinctures that are available at TOLW.

Druid’s Garden cultivates traditional medicine that is processed, packaged and sent to distribution and manufacture in GMP labs. Tree of life Wellness is the dedicated Wellness Retail Arm.
It’s hard to keep a vision, and all Franchises must share the ‘Common vision’.
The Franchise needs to be stringent in terms of The Vision, Mission and Values of the company. The franchise is a brilliant business, the cost is approximately four hundred thousand rands from the Franchise fee to stock, shop fitting and compliance.

It is unique and is run by people who share the Medicinal Cannabis Vision. Each franchise, shares the business and gets up every single day to make it work. The Franchise is a family, and family stick together, through thick and thin and that’s been a good decision. We are proud of the people who have embraced the business, their achievements are extraordinary, and each is empowered by the Tree of Life Wellness pieces of the puzzle.

In preparation for imminent changes to the Cannabis landscape and growing competition, we have focused on brands. The brands are Druids Garden and the recently added Raw Earth Organics. Kene de Terra for our CBD and THC ranges that are being prepared for section 21 submission. Our latest brands are Vital Pulse with topicals and Vetpro for animal health.
We currently have forty three products from ‘Bath and Body’, Bath Salts, Bath bombs, Soap and Shampoo. Relaxing in a hot CBD infused bath is amazing. We have 65 products either in concept or ready for launch. Gut health is another important health aspect, and a range of Probiotics is in process.

Tree of Life Wellness – Intentional Wellness is a Franchise where the stores offer quality CBD products for your Intentional Wellness Programmes. The Franchise is ‘South African’, provides local employment and reflects a South African flavor as opposed to everyone’s preoccupation with American models.
What does ‘Intentional Wellness,’ mean? According to the dictionary. Intentional – Done on purpose. Wellness - The state of being in Good Health, especially as an actively pursued goal. If you desire to be healthier, happier and less stressed. If you desire to feel that way more often, not only when everything is going your way, then visit a Tree of Life Wellness store.
We believe that Wellness is a conscious decision and we sell products that help you make the choices that will keep you “Well”
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