The Strain Game
Author: Bruce Coetzee The cultivation of cannabis is now more than ever a science than the" hit and miss" scenario the early pioneers yearned to surpass a decade or two ago. With heightened awareness of the precluded methods that form a sound growing foundation readily available at the click of a button, and a network of cannabis cultivation help forums on social media, more growers have celebrated a range of seeds and clones tailor-bred to suit even the most discerning cannasuer!
Unlike many of our natural resource products that are relatively limited in their genetic diversity through the unquestionable laws of Mother Nature, cannabis can differ quite drastically in taste, smell, and appearance. It can also vary physically, as she presents countless effects and benefits.

Understanding a few basic facts can make a crucial difference when selecting which strains to grow and those that suit your individual preference. Three genus variations have been bred in selected ratios to "harness" preferential genetic traits, aptly referred to as hybrid strains. Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis form the backbone of our choices in contemplating strains that will satisfy all that you may ask of your herb. Cannabis Sativa strains can be defined by a few physical and somewhat more spiritual attributes. Sativa strains will typically grow very tall whilst remaining quite sturdy when bombarded by powerful winds. The leaves are elongated and form almost needle-like differentiations, some resembling slender finger bones!

The developmental progress may also slow down substantially when the flowering phase begins. Some Land-race Sativa strains have been known to effectively double the flowering period usually allotted to bud development; however, the wait is most certainly worth it! The experience offered in choice Sativa strains is unparalleled by any standard. Smokers describe the quick onset and effective 4 to 7-hour high as a "rebirth of the mind". Other effects include a deep sense of creativity and luminescent thought patterns accentuating the mundane to an elevated artistic status. Heightened energy levels and spirit resonance are typical and may explain the demand for the incredible cannabis strains that fall into the pure Sativa spectrum.
Cannabis Indica strains tend to occupy the opposite end of the scale regarding their physical appearance and the effects they offer consumers. "Couch Lock" is a term commonly used to describe a complete inertness to all and every physical entity, other than an impounding psychological state often equivocated to "turning the lights off". While chemical-based pharmaceuticals like Dormanoct and Diazepam may be able to provide a good night's sleep, they simply do not compare to the suppressive power of a potent Indica strain pack. The plant is physically shorter and displays a thicker or broader growth pattern. Buds are dense, and some exude terpene profiles so complex that we cannot describe them with words. A shorter flowering and prolific vegetative phases make Indica strains a common "cash crop" among licensed facilities. The ability to "hit that off button" with just a puff or two has earned it a place among the great three.
The third variation in the cannabis family is the Ruderalis strains. In truth Cannabis Ruderalis produce poor quality bud; however, through humankind's ingenuity, we have isolated selected qualities of both Sativa and Indica variations and combined them with the resilience of the Ruderalis genetics. The product of this immaculate conception cannot be gauged as we do with the Sativa and Indica strains, based purely on the principles and instinct of the Ruderalis variation, which is determined by a set developmental time period and not daylight hour exposure.
The benefits associated with these genetic attributes assist in exuberating the qualities associated with using a pure Sativa or Indica strain.
Auto flower seeds develop in a predetermined number of days and will mature and develop regardless of light hour exposure, although it will impact the plant growth rate. The nature of these Ruderalis variations displays some fantastic qualities in terms of resilience to severe environmental fluctuations and coupled with their shorter, sturdier peripherally dominant root structure, which has subsequently led to them becoming a popular choice for many growers who are aiming for a continued supply chain.
The availability and variations of commercially available cannabis genetics have become an overwhelming experience for many new to the cannabis endeavour; however, making any choice without a firm grasp that includes" firsthand experience" is in no way, ever a good idea! Taking the time to source and sample the multitude of pure and hybrid cannabis strains does undoubtedly help when focused on a win in "the strain game!"