The spiritual benefits of mothering a plant
Author: Pamm LeggMost spiritual gurus will tell you that our one job on this planet is to learn to become one with mother earth and connect with the spirit to lead fulfilled lives of health and wealth. That's not so simple in these modern times. We live in a society that is governed by capitalism and greed which is not sustainable. Many individuals are waking up to this nonspiritual cycle and are turning to alternative methods to find ways to return to the source.
Some people have the privilege to live in the countryside, grow food and hang with domestic animals and pick flowers for fun. Those people can tell you that connecting with Gaia in his manner is probably the closest you can get to living life in a vibration coinciding with nature. The magic in plants and growing your food is more powerful than anyone can imagine and preparing your daily meals with your vegetables, herbs, and fruit from your backyard is soul gratifying. The garden-to-table concept is not only a term generated in the restaurant industry but rather a way of life we should all have the opportunity to enjoy.
Easier said than done!
People who live in large cities are generally closed off to this type of lifestyle, but studies have proven that surrounding your home with indoor plants will reduce stress and that plants give off the energy that humans need to feel stable. With the rising popularity of anxiety diagnosis, we are seeing that people are scrambling with stress and disconnection, we can understand how our spirits are not aligned, and we are succumbing to the avalanche of depression. The idea that we are disconnected from the spirit is relevant in today's times more than ever. So how do we find our way back?

Connecting to nature is possibly the best move that a person can make to begin a journey of connecting to one's spirituality. Having indoor plants and perhaps a little veg planter box on an apartment balcony can be a step forward to creating a symbiosis of nature in your home. There is something therapeutic in preparing a garden or potting seedlings.
Feeling the soil with your hands and touching the millions of healthy microbes on your skin has been said to have healing properties, so the concept that you are gaining spiritual benefits from mothering a plant is not a crazy idea. Growing a plant from seed to fruition may be the closest thing to being a mother to a plant. Watching it take its first shoots and budding into a baby plant is extremely gratifying. One can’t help but smile when you walk past your plant perched on the windowsill and you see a new leaf shoot or bud opening. Every day the joy you feel when you see the little bud grow a tiny bit more and finally it bursts with color as the flower opens for the first time, and you say, “hello there”. Daily you water it and feed it nutrients, and together you and the plant grow in symbiosis. Plants have become the new pets. Speaking to your plants is not considered to be a sign of insanity, but rather the opposite.
Spiritual growth is not this huge awakening where you are bowled over with the spirit of the universe.
It is a slow and gradual progression of change, just like a plant’s growth, a flower blossoming one petal at a time. Mothering a plant is something all people should do, caring for a pet is one thing, but having live plants resonating with their energy will instantly make a difference in your life. That energy we emit from our hearts with joy when we give life to life can only have a positive impact on your living space and your spirit. The act of mothering and giving to others is a source of joy and in your own home and your capacity, it could have a massive impact on your general wellbeing. If you are feeling the itch of depression and anxiety, it is recommended to surround yourself with plants and open yourself to your mothering side and embrace your caring for something green and allow the energy of plant spirit to connect to yours. 
Embrace the love for nature and your mothering side and allow the spiritual connection you will create to your plants, and soon you will have a jungle in your apartment.