The Investment Value 
of Cannabis
Author: Anthony Cohen – Elixinol The current size of the cannabis market is about R1.2 billion. There are about 1200 cannabis retail clubs, and the medical sector stands at roughly 15% of the total cannabis sector. That means the medical sector is currently worth around R180 million. With a growth rate of 20 – 22 per cent annually, the industry is set to grow between R2.7 and R3 billion within approximately five years, with the medical sector reaching about R350 to R400 million. Once the laws extend past those currently imposed (section 21 and SAHPRA), the use of marijuana will become more open and recreational use will be allowed. When that comes to fruition, things will change dramatically.
In an economy with negative growth in certain sectors, investing in an industry with double-digit growth is obviously a good investment. Being a "young" sector, it is essential to remember that this industry is not yet fully developed, and although there are a few early players, it is not a zero-sum game, and cannabis can't be patented. It is really a question of who does it the right way, with the right formulae.

At the moment, we see many hopping on the proverbial "cannabis train", but several factors must be considered before investing. An investor needs to be aware of where to invest and how to choose the right brand and the right company. One needs to consider international trends and, more importantly, have the ability to ascertain which investments are feasible and which are not. We also need to consider investment from a customer perspective. They must be educated about cannabis and its related products, where and how they are produced, and the associated costs.
A re-launch of the cannabis industry is needed, and the focus has to be on education.
The excitement from both retailers and consumers has often led to misinformation meant to create fast-selling products that are not up to standard. These sub-standard products have a negative effect on cannabis and the cannabis industry because they dissuade people from consuming them since they are not as effective as advertised.
There are a lot of false narratives out there at the moment, and people wanting to invest need to stay informed and plan prudently. The rewards will extend beyond financial ones and be well worth the effort.