The Secret IngredientStanford CBD has been producing CBD products since early 2020. The products were created due to necessity and after much research we decided to produce our own cream for personal use and with some help we produced a cream which really worked and surpassed our wildest expectations.
All our products are strictly monitored from product source to end result to ensure no pesticides or chemicals enter the product.
The Approach
We started with the goal to get away from any petroleum-based products, as our early research and education showed us, the skin is full of microorganisms which are there to protect our skin, we don’t want to destroy the organisms with chemical products as they have a symbiotic relationship with us, rather produce a product which doesn’t affect the organisms, so they are left alone to do their job.

The second requirement in our criteria was to ensure that the ingredients were produced locally and beneficial to the skin. Aloe Ferox has long been used with amazing benefits and is at the core of our skin care range. CBD is naturally our most important “secret” ingredient with all its major health benefits for the skin as well as the body.

CBD is a natural inflammatory and antibacterial which helps against acne, sun-spots, psoriasis, eczema and general wellbeing of skin as CBD helps bring the body into homeostasis.
We feel that CBD, in some shape or form, will eventually find it’s way into every South Africans everyday routine; whether it be taking Indica oil to help with sleep and stress or using an everyday CBD cream.The truth is that CBD is here to stay and the proof of the amazing benefits are apparent, with no side effects to speak of it’s the perfect alternative for health conscious people. Andrew Williams
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