ISSUE 6The Ritual of RollingWilliam WallaceThe ritual of rolling is a uniquely frustrating and equally rewarding experience when you successfully roll a smokable joint for the very first time. Sure, it may not have been the prettiest or straightest, and probably needed to be sparked a couple of times.
But within no time it can become an easily mastered skill that comes as naturally as putting on shoes or making a cup of coffee. Although it has been 20 years since rolling my very first humble joint, it remains a fond memory that was only the beginning of a deep obsession with cannabis culture and specifically the microcosm of rolling papers.Tobacco rollers are somewhat traditional in their tastes
Sticking to regular sized papers of the plain white or occasionally unbleached variety from either of the mainstay brands in a red pack. While rollers of the more herbal variety have come to expect more refined products of a far higher quality and selection.

And who can blame them?
The most expensive cigarettes in the world don't even come close to the price tags being achieved for top shelf cannabis
The somewhat humble weed now commands up to 10x the price per gram and has created a market of consumers who are very selective of their rolling papers. You wouldn't drink your preferred pricey libation in a paper cup, so why toke your perfectly preserved buds in a paper that is better suited for printing than blazing.
Along with the revolution of high-quality papers to tickle every fancy has also come a self-awareness of the ritual of rolling. There is something far more to the motion of rolling a perfect joint. Something that is very difficult to capture with the simple procedure of packing, rolling, licking, and lighting one up. A cathartic sense of comfort can be experienced from the sense of satisfaction when creating something that will be freshly enjoyed. 
Perhaps the most interesting development has been the evolution of this typically personal skill to the potential for it to become a professional career
Local cannabis-orientated higher education facilities now offer training to students on this essential skill and Snoop Dogg has even gone so far as to employ a full-time roller.
The most expensive cigarettes in the world don't even come close to the price tags being achieved for top shelf cannabis
“Timing. That motherf****r’s timing is impeccable. That’s his J-O-B, his occupation. On his resume, it says, ‘what do you do? I’m a roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller.”
– Snoop Dogg –

Rolling papers are no longer just a convenient tool for smokers and tokers
The centuries of slow development have been catalysed in the last few decades.

Consumers started seeking out more sustainable and lifestyle orientated products that were both smoother and reflected their individuality. Brands from across the globe have risen up to the tackle the creation of a paper that oozes the finesse our materials now demand. 
Alongside world renowned, and iconic international premium brands like The Bulldog, OCB, Zig Zag, Rizla and RAW, local brands such as OneLove Papers have made a mark on this scene with their innovative and sexy Stash Pad with Paper booklet and Maul Pad release.
As the big brand rolling paper manufacturers furiously work over their next big break through, with Organic Friendly Manufacturers like Leafolo™, making equally serious in-roads in creating the next smoothest organic blend to mix with, and the lawmakers continuing to struggle with cannabis' legal role in South Africa, the minute or two of rolling my choice of smoke, will continue to be one of the most satisfying and grounding rituals of my day. Just as it is for millions of others who speak the universal language of rolling.
Do your buds a favour and take your rolling skills to the next level by spending a couple more bucks on that next pack of papers.Please contact Wicked Imports for any trade and wholesale enquiries.

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