ISSUE 6The Right Guys for the JobEckhardt BesterWith rampant crime rates in South Africa, it has become common knowledge to its citizens that crime comes in many forms. With The Cannabis/hemp industry growing fast and becoming an emerging market, the attention drawn towards growers by armed robbery syndicates is inevitable.The risk lies in the fact that the product is light and can be easily absorbed into the black market leaving little to no trace. As legitimate players scramble to gain and keep a foothold, there are criminal elements determined to exploit this new frontier.

With extortion and racketeering on the rise, it is a necessity that we make a point of developing cohesion between our clients, the law, and the law enforcers. Through education the industry may finally be brought out into the light, and not forced to operate in the shadows where corruption is rife.

Good relationships with the local SAPS should be fostered as this helps to prevent misunderstandings between the police and local cannabis farmers and creates a safer environment for the industry to take root in.

It is of the utmost importance to make sure that any security service provider you consider are registered and compliant with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) to protect yourselves from unscrupulous providers, whose negligence can put your entire operation at risk.
Specialising in high value asset transport though some of the most volatile and dangerous areas of our country, we started in the red zones of the Cape and have only prospered through the experience.

In operation since 2009 and branching out to include our tactical teams in 2016.

We at Compass Tactical believe that Cannabis cultivation security requires a bespoke approach.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the cycle and flow of the production process.

From the fields to the processing facility and ultimately logistics, our operating procedures place emphasis on loss prevention and operational security to mitigate your risk.

We’ll advise and assist with everything from site specific risk assessments, CCTV installations, Security personnel and discreet transportation. Together we can devise a plan that suits you and your budget, while leaving no room for criminals to infiltrate or exploit.
Fighting crime is our passion and we look forward to partnering with and securing the future of the Cannabis industry.
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