ISSUE 6Our Passion Shines ThroughThe InDorSun TeamInDorSun (Pty) Ltd established in 2018 by Alan & Caiya Norris which all started with a passion for the rapidly emerging cannabis industry. Our dream of producing a world class horticultural LED grow light range in South Africa for all applications of the growing cycle has been realised. We are proud to be involved in the South African Cannabis community from the ground up, supporting organisations like Fields of Green for All, Cheeba Academy, Green Door and other local entrepreneurs, using our network to find and empower the future grower of tomorrow. 
Together with (Giant Light) our manufacturing partner we have sourced the best materials to produce high quality fixtures that boast a 5 year 50 000 Hour carry in warranty. 
We carefully consider where our fixtures are being used, and have a fit for purpose solution catering for all levels of expertise. From beginner to Commercial grow facilities as we are capable of building bespoke systems for any size project.
Our philosophy is to utilise as many local suppliers and service providers, as we believe we are able to achieve the same standard as what is being done by industry leaders worldwide. Being on the ground and hands on has allowed us to work with and see the true potential in an ever evolving South African Cannabis Market.
Here we talk to Godfrey Scheepers, CEO of FreshLeaf who consulted to FutureMed and their highly impressive operation
When I first met the guys from InDorSun I was running a research project as we were on the cusp of developing our first completely indoor cannabis production facility for FutureMed.

Critical elements need to be fully tried and trusted and with our selection of lighting it was imperative to make the right decision. I ran the InDorSun lights against a variety of competitors not only in the LED sector but also against HPS options and ÇMH options. Knocking down some big names in the industry and impressing my entire team the InDorSun lights stood out above the rest.

There are three main factors to consider; Cannabinoid Content; Terpene Profile and content and Overall flower yield. InDorSun’s lighting delivers on all these fronts. We not only proved it in our research trails, but we took research all the way to production at the state-of-the-art FutureMed facility. They even managed to deliver such a large order the day before the actual expected lead time and the efficiency did not stop there and they worked diligently to ensure a flawless installation from beginning to end. The first yield had matched our expectations perfectly on our first cycle hitting a THC content above 24% and a terpene profile that was off the charts.

InDorSun is a company you can develop a relationship with- this is what really sets them out from the rest they have incredible after sale service and a passion to help us constantly improve – they were with me step by step as we developed the lighting solution for FutureMed helping to get the light levels we needed in the most economical way. 
Godfrey Scheepers, CEO Freshleaf Cannabis Consultancy

Find Freshleaf Cannabis Consultancy on Instagram for their latest grow update @fresh_leaf_710 or @futuremed_LS
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