ISSUE 6Going the Extra Green Mile!Bruce CoetzeeWe are living in a world where the time and effort we allocate to ensuring our physical and physiological health has become, for many, the last thing on their busy minds. That is a fact!
However, one of the most important factors in dealing with the constant strain on our bodies is through simply consuming a balanced amount of essential nutrients, sourced from top quality, organic produce.

We are what we eat, and in many cases what we trust to be good for us is in fact the root cause of many health problems. For one determined South African businesswoman, this has manifested into a successful enterprise that supplies a range of naturally grown fresh produce, grass fed beef and free-range chickens. 
Maledi Fresh was founded by Dimakatso Ramahlodi, a dynamic woman who has gained a place among the best in the industry. Motivated by a story, told to her by a previous employer explaining how he opened and built a successful business, despite his lack of formal education, gave rise to the reasoning that, “if he could do it so can I”. This essentially inspired Dimakatso to “make her dream a reality".
The company has a retail outlet situated at the Lifestyle Garden Centre Randpark Ridge, Randburg. Maledi Fresh sources all its product from farms owned by the company north of Pretoria, or from farmers who have partnered with them.
The products are varied and subscribe to only the highest food standards. With an educational foundation built on a BSc degree in Food Science, coupled with ten years of industry experience prior to starting Maledi Fresh, it is with confidence that clients can be assured of good quality, organic foods.
“We are in the business of promoting healthy eating”
Maledi Fresh has been operating for the past twelve years and during this time has fine-tuned its product lines by providing not only daily use produce, but also a number of niche products, including rainbow carrots and purple broccoli. Whilst highly nutritious and packed with flavour these rarities are not carried by many similar outlets.

The company recently completed an Organic Certification audit which was successful and will be receiving its accreditation documents soon. 
Providing more than just good food for clients is,” part and parcel”, of the services offered at Maledi Fresh. Nutritional advice, including specific needs analysis, gives consumers not only a better understanding of the foods they consume, but also assists in helping them make educated choices about where they shop.

Dimakatso and her team work hand in hand with community members situated around the company's farms and assist in educating and providing resources whereby the produce grown, according to strict standards, is purchased back from community members. 
Customers are engaged further through tours of the farms that supply the shop, and experience first-hand the dedication to excellence from “seed to table".

It is through sheer self-motivation, passion, and a deep sense of respect for life that Maledi Fresh continues to break new ground in exciting product variations and quality.

They do have an easy to navigate website, and host two Fb pages where regular educational posts give insight into the value of wholesome foods and living.
Be sure to view the product and community pages on Fb (@maledifreshza) and feel the goodness of good food with Maledi Fresh!