ISSUE 6ForewordCULTIVATIONDear Readers,

This edition of Evolved Magazine is focused on cultivation & everything surrounding the cultivation space in South Africa .

The focus has most definitely shifted to a renewed interest in cultivating all things. From small pots filled with herbs on windowsills, to kitchen gardens, to a large scale operation where the obsession with cultivating has just taken over.

Polyculture (the simultaneous cultivation of several crops or kinds of animals) is at the forefront of the new gardening movement, providing a cohesive ecosystem to thrive in even the smallest garden space.

Working with the environment & being aware of the subtle dynamics that interconnects them all is both integral to our future survival, but also a really amazing personal journey for the cultivation enthusiast.

In the interest of stirring that passion or cultivating a new passion in our readers, please enjoy our Cultivate Issue.
Cameron Bramley

APRIL 2022