ISSUE 6Florists Not Felons! —– JOIN the ClubSally-Jay StrongAs the date April 20 (4/20) approaches, cannabis consumers, activists, clubs, and dispensaries the world over are preparing to celebrate. What exactly is the big deal?
California’s Proposition 420 is the designation for their Medical Cannabis usage bill – the piece of American legislature that got the ball rolling on the global decriminalisation of cannabis. It’s partly because of this bill that the great Jules and Myrtle from our own Fields of Green for All were able to get the South African Courts to begin to take them seriously.

The sad fact is that, after all the needless suffering, hundreds of hours in jails/courts, thousands in fees and although legislation is being ironed out as we speak to incorporate cannabis, psilocybin and many other natural medicines into our medical, commercial, and personal usage legislature, there is a dark undercurrent of corruption still strong within our government structures. 
In this “Enlightened Age” of CBD/CBG, cannabis medicine and legal social clubs, even SAHPRA can’t save you from persecution, police brutality and intimidation. Not to mention the CORRUPTION that seems to be the hallmark of the South African Government, or at least some aspects of it. Due to the gaping holes in the current legislation, many small businesses still operate within the grey areas (or trade in the black market to make ends meet) and are systematically being taken out by the Hawks.

Fields of Green for All started their Stop The Cops initiative years ago, because even back then it was obvious that individuals were being unjustly targeted for raids or arrests and treated with humiliation and disrespect. Investigations aren’t carried out as per regulation and much “confiscated” evidence, equipment and cash simply goes missing, without a word or stitch of proof (from the police) that anything was ever taken. 
Organisations like the CTAA operate to try to help shape legislature and regulate the industry in a way that benefits the people within the industry. They speak on behalf of industry concerns to government and in court, fighting to maintain our autonomy and protect the industry from “big pharma” and international interests that might take our business out of the hands of our people. They are just as grossly underfunded and under-supported as Fields of Green for All and are therefore severely limited in what they can achieve on a personal behalf.

Schindlers Attorneys is still championing the cause, but resources are not always immediately available to small business owners being raided in the middle of a Friday night all over the country. Many firms are happy to step in, but financing remains a huge concern for many, and education is another massive stumbling block.
Let’s start with the first issue: Education – What to Do
  1. Sign up with Fields of Green for All and with the CTAA to stay current on the legislature and to help them protect you, your business, and your interests.
  2. Sign up to Evolved Magazine to keep up with the news and politics and to support local industry and innovation.
  3. Find and keep the details of legal representation, should you need it in an emergency.
  4. STAY CALM AND COOPERATE, but film/record everything.
  5. Check that the search/raid is legal by checking documentation wherever possible.
  6. Make sure to take note of the following details to spot an illegal warrant / affidavit.
If we take the law seriously, then we expect those that enforce the law to take our businesses and our rights seriously. Be prepared to legally defend your rights if you operate within the industry in this uncertain time.

Connect with an organisation that has your back and is prepared to fight with you.