Leeanne Barrette
Giving our plants the best start in life is always a cultivators top priority.
When you are shopping for something to grow in a pot, something made of plastic springs to mind, but how nice does that really look?
Large plastic pots are ugly, they are expensive and rather unfriendly to our beloved environment.
Then what is the alternative?
Well, an experienced entrepreneur at Seeds of Hope has a solution; their fabric grow bags are eco-friendly and are customised with a splash of colour made from hemp-based fabric!
When speaking to the owner of Seeds of Hope I learned a couple of interesting things I never knew about material grow bags! They are made from breathable fabric that allows the roots of your plants to absorb oxygen. This allows the roots to function more efficiently and transport more nutrients into the plant, essentially supercharging their growth!

These grow bags are made from only the best quality fabrics and are guaranteed to last. Growers have the option to customise their grow bags with funky colours, patterns and material additions that are all made from hemp. The bag handles are made with hemp or African print Shweshwe fabric to give them an extra pop of colour and texture. The hemp is sourced locally from Hemporium and really brings something special to any grow space.
Hemp fabric is durable and feels like it was designed to last, the fibres are thicker than traditional cotton, and the folks at Seeds of Hope say that the fabric always brings excitement to their faces to work with it and to feel it, feeling the energy passed on through the plant.
Seeds of Hope is cultivating the cannabis industry and empowering those that grow. Their material grow bags really offer a unique cultivation experience and their clients agree! They are supported by local growers that keep coming back for more as the craftsmanship and detailing of the bags give them something that really helps them stand out from the competition.
Seeds of Hope really is a small business that is doing the extra work to stand out with its interesting concept that offers flexibility and versatility of their products. Hemp-based textiles are the future of the industry and truly cultivate a sense of strength, beauty and inspiration within those that work in it.
When we shop for cannabis-related products or anything in general, supporting small businesses really is a pleasure, there is a sense of deep pride that goes into handmade and locally produced goods, Seeds for Hope really does take pride in their work, and it shows.
Understanding their clients needs and going above and beyond to fulfil them is at the top of our list.
"Give your plants the ‘home they deserve’ in something elegant, beautiful and ground-breaking."