ISSUE 6Cultivating With CarbonDamian StenzilSince starting up in 2019 our mission has been to continuously expand our understanding of plant processes and to provide a holistic program of fertilizer solutions for gardeners and farmers to achieve their best results.
We believe that living by our 3 core values,
“Think Different, Be Different and Grow Different”
we will not only succeed in our mission,
but along the way we will contribute toward cultivating a healthier South Africa.

Think DifferentTo us “Think Different” means assessing, planning, and implementing plant or crop fertilization according to a 3-dimensional matrix model. The past, present and future actions are always considered in respect to aspects of the environment, the entity (plants and people) and the economy. Finally, the organic, chemical, and biological requirements are assessed in the same manner.

By following this method, we can more easily identify problems, challenges, and future goals. Based on this information we then create a tailor-made program of solutions.
Be Different“Be Different” is how we execute on our thinking differently. We focus on a holistic approach to fertilisation and feeding, making sure to provide for the plant’s chemical, organic and biological needs throughout every stage of growth. By making use of humic substances as a carbon source in our products we are able to maximise the efficient use of residual plant nutrients in the soil, reduce fertilizer costs and help release those plant nutrients presently bound in minerals and salts.

These humic substances also assist with; providing a valuable food source for beneficial soil organisms, improving soil water holding capacity, naturally buffering soil pH, stabilising soil toxins, and reducing salt build up.
Grow Different“Grow Different” is how we truly intend to contribute toward cultivating a healthier South Africa. Through continuous research and development as well as understanding the benefits of our products, we are finding new ways of improving crop yields and quality which is our way of feeding the nation. We believe in rehabilitating our soil and land and providing sustainable solutions for the future. A current project and goal are to rehabilitate coal mine discard dumps and introduce the cultivation of hemp to further support our local economy.

These small steps we are taking now are only the beginning of our cultivation journey.

As we look forward to the year and road ahead, we have our eyes set on further expansion into Africa and taking a proudly South African product abroad and sharing that which we have to offer.
This is about much more than cultivating a superior crop, it’s about cultivating trust, cultivating healthier attitudes, and cultivating an organic community.
If you are serious about your herbaceous nutrition, come and see us for some of the most well cared for crop that you will ever have the pleasure of growing. THINK DIFFERENT     BE DIFFERENT      GROW DIFFERENT