ISSUE 6Cultivating Society, NaturallyMyron KrostCanna Trade Africa (CTA) the company that Powers “The Green Side” and “Fresh & Healthy” started in September 2018 and launched officially at the first Cannabis Expo in December 2018 and has just completed its fifth successful Cannabis Expo in Cape Town.
We set out to create a “Seed to Sale Experience”, where our customers experience actually matters and our precious suppliers are handled with the care they deserve.
 Canna Trade Africa’s 3 Best Pillar of Strength are:
Best Products  ●  Best Protocols  ●  Best Prices
When we set out to create an HONEST business that meets all 3 of those criteria, without exception, in order to construct what we call the CTA Mosaic products. Only products that meet all of those criteria at once are worthy of representation within the Cannabis, or any industry.

In order to achieve this, we’ve partnered with the best local partners and some of the Best international ones, which truly has enabled us to bring the best of local and the best of global to the South African consumer. 
In so doing, we are helping to grow an honest, healthy and thriving cannabis-centric economy.
Why not unlock the plant, because we believe that if we unlock cannabis then we're able to extract large quantities and we're able to then make sure that it's cheaper towards the end consumer. We're able to help more people with medicine. As soon as it becomes available from biomass more people will be able to plant it and everyone will have the access they need.

Even when we look at its uses outside of the medical, recreational, and dietary spheres, cannabis is used to make paper, plastic, building materials and much, much more. The amount of global research being put into the many, varied, possible applications of the cannabis plant and its positive impact on the many daunting global issues, makes it the obvious way forward, especially for a country blessed with the perfect circumstances needed for the plant to flourish. Literally nothing goes to waste.
Canna Trade Africa is really all about continual economic growth of the industry through awareness, education and community.

 We have 3 business units that facilitate this:

  • Trade: This is where we assist Brands in establishing themselves in the local market.
  • Brokering: Whereby we connect licence operators to enable trade.
  • Direct Retailing: Our speciality. By viewing a customer as an evolving human being (as opposed to a human resource) with ever changing needs, by getting to know the person we create the experience.
A prime example of this is our Flagship:
The Green Side - Farmacy and Cannaporium
Walking into The Green Side one should immediately realise that this isn’t a corporate money-mine. Our clients are greeted as guests and given a tour of the facilities, while our impassioned staff explain the principals behind our Farmacy (Food As Real Medicine) and many other unique surprises, in order to introduce them the full-spectrum of what is available. We then offer their choice of free educational consultations depending on the guest’s reason for their visit.

On offer is a wellness consultation program, consisting of between 1 and 4 sessions on the human endocannabinoid system; A 2 session set on quitting smoking, while we help you to switch to vaporising and teach you to have a healthier relationship with Cannabis that is ultimately better for your body; If you would prefer to attend a private grow workshop to help you produce quality flower we also provide those.

We take the “Holistic Approach” very seriously and have constructed a very successful business model around this. Our clients quickly turn into friends who we forge a life-long friendship with.
Fresh & Healthy
This is where our lifestyle program comes in. Fresh & Healthy actually pre-dates Canna Trade Africa and was developed to teach people to eat according to their Brain Health. When the brain is properly fed with organic food, the immune system functions better which causes the endocannabinoid system to operate optimally, etc …
Fresh & Healthy are opening up Organic Deli and Diners where you can find locally sourced, organic, plant-based food that is sublimely satisfying and can supplement your diet. Our Mission is to try to get people to eat 50% less meat in order to give the human race ½ a chance of setting back the doomsday clock – and feeling the difference of a more holistic lifestyle in their own lives.
My best advice to whomever takes up the position of Cannabis Advisor to the President:
  1. Beware the pitfalls of over-regulation driving local interests firmly into the black market. If we allow international interests and big business to take over our industry through forcing the little guy to meet demands that they could not reasonably be expected to meet, we are ensuring that the average South African who has the skills, and the drive may lose out on the opportunity. Instead of building a nation who is stronger, healthier and wiser, you would keep it in the shallows and stifle its growth.

  2. Educating, Advertising and Utilising, not only the phenomenal skills honed over hundreds of generations, that our indigenous populations can share in order to educate. Not to mention Proudly laying claim to our own Landrace Strains that are becoming Real Players on the global stage, forming co-operatives locally and internationally to get natural healing directly into our hospitals and trade schemes that actually benefit our local farmers.

  3. Classify Cannabis as the natural resource that it is and moved FIRMLY OUT OF the sphere of drugs – this nonsense is one of the biggest spokes in the wheel preventing forward motion of the industry. Where we are rejecting old colonial models in all other areas, let us reject it in the Cannabis Industry also.
We are extremely proud to announce the coming launch of our Green Fund within the next month. Canna Trade Africa will use this fund to open 6 new stores, the First of which will be our Pretoria branch at Menlo Park, with Cape Town following later on.
Future plans include outlets in KZN and along the Garden Route next year, with plans to open one in Africa and one Internationally in the year following … Come in an and feel the difference.