ENTERTAINMENT TODAYVarying from activists and entrepreneurs to entertainers and cultivators, everyone on this diverse list are transforming the current cannabis industry as we know it. Evolved celebrates the most influential people in the international cannabis world, within the entertainment space.
Fashion icon and hip-hop legend, Lil’ Kim is the latest celebrity to join in on the cannabis craze. Collaborating with California pot brand Superbad inc. and tech platform CampNova, the Brooklyn local joins the marketplace along with a growing list of celebrity brands aiming to stake their claim in the booming cannabis industry.

In addition to personal market success, Lil’ Kim and her business partners hope to inspire more African-American and female entrepreneurs to join the industry as business leaders.

At the early age of just 20 years old, Mike Tyson became the world’s youngest heavyweight boxing champion. Known as one of the most inspiring and powerful fighters the boxing industry has ever known. In 2017, he and partner Robert Hickman teamed up to launch the Ranch Companies, a top-notch branding organization with a diversified cannabis product and entertainment portfolio that includes Tyson Ranch. He is such a heavyweight in the industry that the Malawi Government has recently appointed Mike to be its “Cannabis Ambassador'.
Tove Lo, a Swedish musician and cannabis promoter, recently announced her partnership with a cannabis beverage company to produce a drink that is THC infused, called Passion Peach Mate. Tove Lo explains that this drink was born of a close collaboration, not just between business partners but between friends. She had stated in an official press statement. “I’ve been obsessed with Cann since the first time I tried it a few years ago. I love the high, the flavours, the design and also the people who run it. I mean, I even started watching Luke’s dog from time to time! This partnership is a collaboration between likeminded humans and friends and those are always the best!" 

"I’m so happy to be a part of this new flavour, I love the campaign we’ve created together with our teams! Overall feeling invincible on Passion Peach Mate, I’m living for it!”

Comedian, singer and actor, Jim Belushi, an avid believer in the medicinal properties of pot, started Belushi’s Farm in Eagle Point, Oregon. With wellness in mind, Belushi’s 22 000-square-foot state-licensed growing facility produces craft-quality marijuana.

Jim Belushi lost his older brother John in 1982 to an overdose and he often claims that if John had only stuck with cannabis, he would still be alive today.
Reggae legend Bob Marley’s youngest son, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, has made quite a name for himself in both the music world and the cannabis industry. The Grammy Award–winning reggae artist entered the cannabis space with his company Stony Hill, through which he’s released a line of CBD products.

Marley also teamed up with Ocean Grown Extracts, which creates high-quality concentrate products like the Speak Life OG vape cartridge.

Mr. Worldwide is going global with his new CBD range of products. Columbia Care and world renowned superstar Pitbull announced the launch of N2P - a new product range of high quality CBD products for those striving to revamp their health and wellness routines. According to a recent press release, N2P stands for “Negative to Positive” with the goal set to change the negative perception surrounding CBD products and to shine a positive light regarding their true potential. “I’m honoured to partner with Columbia Care to announce our new CBD line N2P (Negative to Positive),” said Armando Christian Pérez aka Pitbull.“ N2P is an all-natural, high-quality product directed at the therapeutic benefits of CBD. It’s designed to help customers stay focused, positive and feeling their best.

It’s our goal to change the perception about the health and wellness benefits of CBD products. We look forward to sharing N2P with fans around the world, Dale!”
Sporting the titles of co-founder, owner and Chief Creative Director of Kalvara – a cannabis infused drink company, is Miguel, a Grammy Award winning artist who is going above and beyond most celebrity-endorsed cannabis products. Kalvara takes a completely novel and technological approach to infusion. It is the maker of the patented Vessl™ closure – a nitrogen-powered cannabis liquid delivery device – providing a precise, consistent dose of fast-acting cannabinoids. The technology allows you to see the cannabis infusion take place. It also eliminates the need for single use bottles, which does nothing but litter the planet.

The company calls it a “multisensory experience” because when you twist the cap, you hear the release of the pressurised nitrogen, see colourful THC liquid rush into the bottle and taste the naturally flavoured beverage like a delicious lava lamp. 
The rapid onset of the precise dose of THC is quickly becoming a fad as an alternative to alcohol.
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