MEMORIES OF A REBORN GLOBE DENAAIERStephen GerickeIf someone says they beLIEve something, then they are telling you what they beLIEve to be true based on stories they have been told by others. Stories (or star-eyes as I prefer to spell the word) that could be both lies or truths. One cannot spell the word belief without spelling the word lie.
Please excuse and appreciate my spelling.
If someone tells you they know something, then they are, or at least should be telling you what they know based on the information their seven receptors, ie. two eyes, two ears, nose, mouth and the skin decode and feed to their 5 senses.

This might also be a good time to refresh our memories as to the real meaning of the word “science”. ~ Science is the gaining of systematic knowledge of the physical or material world through observation and experimentation, and repeatably so.

Religion on the other hand is something one beLIEves in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience (CON-Science/Pseudo-science), the body of people adhering to a set of beLIEfs and practices; a specific fundamental set of beLIEfs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of people.
The words Theory and religion go together.
I find it interesting that the word “religion” is both an anagram for origin (of) El and legion (of) Re. Give or take a vowel. Replacing the e’s with i’s will still result the same spoken word. El/Al and Re refer to the light givers in this re-alm. As does the word is (think moonlight / Isis). Hence we say something is real. I am dead certain you have heard of a very controversial and very, very strategically placed piece of land we spell ISRAEL? Is her story real?
Right from the get-go, I asked many questions about the world I found myself in.

One of my earliest memories was way back when I must have been about 5 years old and had gone to my first school lesson. Did this mean eye was a fish? I came home after my first day donning a uniform and bravely and very hesitantly stumbling into the 12-step in-dock-tri-nation uniform-commercial-coding system and must have become aware of a blue, green and brown spinning ball on the teacher’s desk.

Naturally, the first thing I did when I got home was ask mom, “maaaah, where are we? what is earth?”. She quickly & efficiently answered that earth was a huge spinning ball in a what she called the solar (soul-lure) system orbiting the sun which was a very, very “huge-big” and very, very far (193 000 000 miles) away fiery gas ball in a vacuum of nothing, continuously burning. In a vacuum of space, a place with no Air. I was quite confused to say the least so I said “but maaaaa, I can’t feel it moving”.

Her mmmmmaaaaaanswer was that we were spinning so fast, we couldn’t feel it.

The only thing I felt spinning there and then was my head. None of it made sense. I went outside and I could clearly see the sun in the east and the moon still bright in the west, but wait, a crescent moon.  
How was the rest of the moon not reflecting the sun’s direct light?
Maaaaaa told me the moon was reflecting the suns light. When I threw and spun a wet tennis ball, the water sprayed off it. How was it that every night, every year the star constellations stayed the same? How could this earth be a spinning ball with oceans not spraying away? How did the atmosphere stay glued to this spinning ball despite a vacuum surrounding it? We all knew at very early ages that vacuums suck, right?

Later on we were taught/TORt about the 2nd law of Thermo-dynamics, yet the earth, its atmosphere and the vacuum of SPACE defied this law too. We were TORt about a force called centrifugal force and alongside this real force came one of the first THEories mined into our minds.
So many things TORt to me and my fellow hue-man’s simply did not match what my and (I am certain) their senses were decoding.

There was this pulling down force named gravity but clouds, ice in drinks, helium, leaves on the swimming pool and hot-air balloons defied this magi-kill force. If my blow-up ball landed on the swimming pool, it defied this magical and very selective force. Where was gravity then? It made little sense.

Ewe see earth for who. she. Is. And what she is. Ewe realise where (e)we are and why (e)we are.
Real eyes realise real lies. Really
I sometimes wonder if the earth I am standing on is the floor of this uni-verse ~ a line of thort becoming words and light and form separating light and lightness above from density and darkness below, where water and earth meet aether. Eyes invert light, so does mean that we all are hanging from the ceiling? Like bats in tree’s… self-generating bat-TORee’s?

We’re living close to the centre of an infinite material plane. Kind of on a dart board with the North pole, the central bulls-eye. The word TOR is found re-arranged in the word nORTh. Tor or Taur refers to the bull. The Tora and Bi-Bull are two very famous books/scripts with old testiclements, new testiclements and parables (pair o’ balls). Remember, everything created or manifested started with a thought (ThORt). Bull is another way of spelling ball, or bell, or bill. So are we just AvaTORS and is life a load of balls?

After completing the fishy Uniform Commercial Code’s 12-step in-dock-tri-nation programme, I matriXulated well (according to the testers) by regurgitating the spellings of ma-se-tricks with flying colours and chose not to be further boxed nor have my head further squared. I really battled trying to figure out which box I had to corner myself into and why. I wanted to go out and explore everything the spinning whirled offered and enjoy this exquisitely beautiful and diverse earthly realm!

The force-FED non-sensical programming of the Holey Apostolic Cat-hole-lick church, the government school system and its text-books, a year of forced civil service in the SA Navy, where I was commissioned as a Naval off-ice(r) in Gordons Bay and passed out by the then defence mini-star, General Magnus Malan.

Have you read the book The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which details shocking allegations against Magnus Malan? The once-powerful defence minister who was accused of setting up death squads and sanctioning military raids on neighbouring states as he fought to maintain white-supremacist rule in South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s?
Further indoctrination, brain-washing, hypnotising by the enter-tain-ment (inter-into-mind) & Media indus-tree’s (so aptly named in honour of the insidiously evil goddess Medea) and their tel-LIE-vision/Tell-a-Vision programs, series, dock-u-ment-aries, movies, books, magazines and news-papers successfully mined our minds into beLIEving in OUTER-SPACE and a whole lot of other BS theories such as dinosaurs, evolution, fossil fuels, the big bang, relativity, limited energy, over-population, germ theory, globe theory, etc.

I personally loved and got quite excited by almost everything science-fiction: Star Wars, Star Trek, Independence Day, Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Avatar, NASA, the lot. I used to laugh at the idea of people thinking earth was flat. How could this planet be a flat disk shape floating and racing through OUTER-SPACE?

Through a vast and infinite gravity-less vacuum of nothingness, with every other ball-shaped planet, star and galaxy so, so, so, very, very far away from us stuck on a very blue-tiful and incredibly special ball, the final frontier, maybe? except made in a Hollywood basement?
Members of the flat earth society were bonkers. It made no sense.
What I never realised was that everything about “outer-space” was nothing but fantasy and science-fuckin-fiction! 40 years later, asking more and more questions, I came to see that everything about this very vast spacious vacuum, aliens, the Annunaki and everything about this fantasy world was nothing but that, fantasy and fakery. Aliens? They’re a’lien to ya’ll and ewe are in denial. Don’t believe anything actor-naught and freemason Neil A. says. Not that I have ever met one or personally know of anyone who has met one, I’d like to believe that extra-terrestrials come from the space beyond the Antarctic ring. Is this the “one ring to rule them all”?

With an annual budget of $22.6 billion, it’s very easy for Hollywood’s largest movie studio’s, NASA & SPACEX to fool everyone with their staged smoke and mirror trickery and illusions played out their souled-off freemasonic actor. Interestingly the word Nasa has a Hebrew meaning: to deceive.

I realised after two years of unlearning so many things I believed to be true that all that had changed was my perspective and my perception of my surroundings. I re-connected with mother earth, all her creatures and the heavenly father, the skies above. The sun and the moon returned to where eye & eye experience them to be and what they truly are. I now know that when we pause for holey-days disguised as poliTICally motivated days such as Human Rights and Heritage Day that I am cognisant that these celebratory days truly acknowledge the sun crossing the equator and on the poliTICally motivated Youth and Day of Reconciliation holey-day days I know that the sun is about to reach the tropics and has 5 days to go before the solstices.

In my earthly astral word, the stars are close above in the firmament and are part of the aether rotating over earth. They are no longer other suns, other burning balls of fire very, very, fuck-knows-how-far away, burning without oxygen, but sonoluminescence vibrating in water, part of the firmament, the firm-mind. It now makes sense why Polaris remains fixed directly above the North Pole and the constellations are always the same. The seven planets as wandering stars, the seven days of the weak named after them. No day for THE PLAN-IT earth though. Hmmm?
When this perception-shift happens, ewe stop believing the earth beneath ewe is moving despite there being zero empirical evidence whatsoever that it is. Ewe stop believing that the sun is a ball of fire 93 million miles away, in an oxygen-less vacuum, instead you see and feel it as a helium, plasma balloon and realise that was why the Greeks called it Helios! Could the sun be the anode and the plasma moon, the cathode circle-dancing together in harmony as Yin and Yang?

Ewe see the oceans as level. After-all we say “sea level”and not “sea curve”. Ewe no longer refer to earth as “THE PLAN-IT” (.inc) or “the whirled”. Ewe replace terms like “around the globe” with “across the earth” or “across the oceans”, ewe stop calling boys and girls “kids”. Ewe stop referring to mom and dad as “my parents”.
Ewe realise the spells are hidden in plain sight, in the true definitions of the spellings of words.

Ewe realise that it is not ewe or me in our ID entity booklets or cards or our passPorts. Port is a shipping term for left, rather keep calm, carry on, comply and do what’s write, right?

The “id” entity is in reality just a piece of pay-per with a printed image of what might have looked like EWE for a camera-flashing split second long ago in the past. But it’s not ewe. The written name on your berth cert-eye-fake-it is not yours, it’s the legal name of a CORPORATION or corpse-ration. A name REGIStered (regis ~ “of the King” at bearth, when the crew docked oars and the doctor berthed you. A pay-per dock-u-ment (dock-your-mind), with a NAME printed in UPPER CASE (CAPITUS DIMINUTIO ~ meaning having diminished capacity or of slave status. A slight of hand re-venue-ing ewe from the private to the public by means of a pay-per dock-your-mind (paper document) with the word “revenue” printed on it in ink, thus placing ewe into e-state or re-public. A pay-per supposedly representing the placenta, as a deed-of-land cert-eye-fake-it.

The dead placenta being the plant-centre born with the tree of life following the new-born out of the cunt. Now ewe know why you think you are a citizen living in a cunt-tree. It was this slight of hand, a few signatures on pay-per and spelling of words that mother and father then became referred to as parents or a pair-of-renters or pay-rents, And they started calling us “kids”. Kid is the word for a baby goat. I’m not kidding.

That passport, bearth certi-fake-it, id(ded)-entity is not ewe! Ewe are a sentient, self-generating, living being of flesh, blood, consciousness, intelligence and love. Ewe are born as a foetus (feed-us) from the womb into the garden of eatin’. Born on land. Not water. Born with 2 hANDs (DNA) and 2 feet, born a blank slate to the earthly realm of space, time and matter. All the plants and animals (an-I’m-all) in one. Stop bloody behaving like sheep.
And stop eating them!

Where’s the inner lion in ewe, deer? And don’t have too much pride, it’s the deadliest of the seven sins.