ELIXINOL's 21 DAY CHALLENGE …Anthony CohenAs an international leading brand and being part of the International CBD / Cannabis space since its inception in the USA we have gained much knowledge. One of the most interesting dilemmas our customers face is that of what product to choose in a vast array of choices available and then what dosage to use.
Knowing that Full Spectrum CBD (Elixinol only sells Full Spectrum products that are as much as 30 times stronger than isolate CBD) has a different effect on everyone and that dosage is dependent on how active your endo-cannabinoid system is to start with. Coupled to your age and the severity of the condition you are looking to get help with.

This leads to many issues with regard to making sure the customer has the best advice and gets the response from our products that they are designed to give. This has confused people as they are used to taking allopathic medicine at standardised dosages. They are not used to being in charge of their own dosage and or wellness.
Yes, they can go to a doctor to help with Full Spectrum dosage advice but the number of doctors that have this knowledge is very limited.
To counteract this confusion and to make sure our customers and those new to the Full Spectrum CBD choose the correct product and then are guided to the correct dosage we created the 21 Day Challenge.

This challenge via general categorisation of condition and multiple-choice questions guides you to the correct product firstly and initial dosage then over the first week and the weeks following you start to adjust your dose according to the feedback questions we send you etc.

Where after 21 days you should be on the correct dosage and have had or are starting to get the full benefit of correctly dosed Full Spectrum CBD to help alleviate your condition.
Our aim is always to empower our customers to be able to make the right product choice and be in charge of their own journey back to wellness.
Review some of our testimonials to see for yourself by clicking on this link www.elixinol.co.za/testimonials don’t take our word for it.

As always Elixinol makes no medical claim and never will. Our products are designed to activate the body’s own endo-cannabinoid system that looks after all the systems of the body and helps bring the body back to balance or homeostasis.

Full Spectrum CBD is in our opinion the apex super food and is nutrition for the endo-cannabinoid system and is NOT a medicine designed to treat any specific condition.
Change is always a challenge, Wellness is always worth it.