UNLOCKING CANNABISTebogo ThlopaneWhen we embarked on the journey of deciding to make medicine for those that need it, we went about making sure that we provide the actual medicine, not just a far less beneficial isolated product.
Our products have always been full spectrum and will continue to be full spectrum.
As far as we are concerned, the entire plant, as it is, should be available to be used as needed by everyone. We do have a law that decriminalizes cannabis, yet the availability of full-spectrum medicine is still just out of the hands of the people.

Our people, as in you, me, and everybody else are struggling with diet because of this problem, and it IS a problem because it’s the only thing that really helps people and does not have any unintended side effects. We believe that if the government unlocks this plant, then we will be able to source and to grow locally.

With all this nonsense game-playing taking place in SAHPRA, they are preparing frivolous policies, without the science or manpower back it up. They are biting off more than they can chew.

In essence, putting in all these policies that create bottlenecks because they don't have the capacity to process it all. This creates a bottleneck problem throughout the entire value chain.
Why do that? Why make all these little funny provisions?
Why not unlock the plant, because we believe that if we unlock cannabis then we're able to extract large quantities and we're able to then make sure that it's cheaper towards the end consumer. We're able to help more people with medicine. As soon as it becomes available from biomass more people will be able to plant it and everyone will have the access they need.

Even when we look at its uses outside of the medical, recreational, and dietary spheres, cannabis is used to make paper, plastic, building materials and much, much more. The amount of global research being put into the many, varied, possible applications of the cannabis plant and its positive impact on the many daunting global issues, makes it the obvious way forward, especially for a country blessed with the perfect circumstances needed for the plant to flourish. Literally nothing goes to waste.
If the government would actually see this as the massive opportunity, we know it to be, South Africa would grow and flourish just like Mother Cannabis.
I don't see why GMO should be involved in it. Cannabis has always been one of the medicines that we want to protect against genetic modification. The Science is still very new with regards to genetics and the playing out of DNA changes within our systems. We only know a very small amount about our own DNA.

We know even less about what it will do to us in the generations to come. Right now, for us, it just means that someone or some organization is producing it and wants to profit from the control of it. We have our own landrace strains in South Africa, and we can grow those strains that we know best and are the most naturally beneficial to our population.

Recently there has been wide-spread testing of medical strains of cannabis, which compare strains indigenous to and produced by all the different countries.
The South African strains have emerged to be of stronger medicinal benefit, generally speaking, than any other strains globally!
We're quite excited about that development. Cannabis is an absolutely amazing plant through and through.

Now it comes out that we do have genetics that are superior, from a disease handling point of view and that's brilliant! We will move to a scenario where strains are actually bred for specific diseases and conditions and the seeds will be bred accordingly. I think that's the future we'll come to.

We are proud to be a leading South African manufacture of whole plant medicine and natural health products that are made with the extracts of medicinal plants. Medicinal plants are the most important source of life saving medicines for the majority of the world’s population.

Our emphasis is in the production and marketing of natural medicines for the treatment of a number of diseases and afflictions. We were founded because more and more people are seeking natural ways to cure diseases and ailments.

People want alternative choices to the chemical and synthetic medications we grew up using all our lives. We aim to heal humanity, not to poison with unintended side effects or impoverish our clients with ineffective product. It is with this in mind that we’re so pleased to introduce our payment solution called pay flex. You can now purchase the dosage you need and spread the payments over a series of weeks, making the medicines more affordable and accessible to everyone.
Together we are unlocking cannabis and natural medicine. We are healing the nation, enlightening ourselves and creating a better life for our children.

Photo Credit: Bee Naturalles - Unsplash