THE EVOLTMyron KrostThank you Evolved Magazine, for giving Canna Trade Africa (PTY) Ltd. the platform and opportunity to offer our perspective on the current and continual upward challenge to become an industry player in the new fledgling Cannabis industry.
We choose not to fight; we choose not to revolt.

We choose to become the solution and offer a new perspective, followed by a new way to access our awesome Superfood-Community.
We do believe it is time for the cannabis Community to rise up with One Voice! The industry needs to understand that the landscape is shifting all the time based on the conflicts of satisfying the needs of the government, the people and of course, the current role players in “Big Pharmaceuticals”.

“How will all these above-mentioned role players come together and forge one industry for the good of all?” I hear you asking. Of course, the answer to the above question is easy: It is not possible with the current dispensation to satisfy all, for the good of all.
So that means we are in a revolution:
“In Political Science, a revolution (Latin: revolutio, "a turn around") is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization, which occurs when the population revolts against the government - typically due to perceived oppression (political, social, economic) or political incompetence.[1] In book V of the Politics, the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (384–322 BC) described two types of political revolution”:

  1. “Complete change from one constitution to another”
  2. “Modification of an existing constitution.[2]”
As we can see, by its very definition, “to revolt” is basically to overthrow, and as we know (if history is anything to go by), if we try to overthrow, the wake of destruction is so massive, that we cannot recover and it’s a “lose-lose” situation all the way.
What choice do we have? That, at least, is simple: Let's strive for a “win-win”.
It has become clear that Humankind is at a crossroads: What was acceptable even 5 years ago is on the way out, and this means that we are in a state of Evolutionary flux once again. Bear in mind that Humankind has been evolving slowly throughout time, thus the answer is clear: it’s an Evolution we are looking at, and that is completely different to a revolt.

The way we differentiate a movement based on an evolution is that, as an industry, we need to understand that fighting will get us nowhere. We also need to comprehend that there are three different criteria: there is an upward, and downward spiral and a neutral ground, somewhere in-between both.

We need to focus on the neutral, and avoid the downward spiral at all cost. The downward spiral is, of course, Revolting and will take us down the kitchen sink with the dirty wash-water before we know it, therefore we want to focus on moving up the spiral. Big Pharma has had their way for too long so Here Is Your Call To Action!
The power is the hands of the people, and those people need to start asking the right questions. For example: “Is your doctor a healer or a businessman?”
As a community we know that an individual needs at least three options before making or agreeing to a big decision. However, when it comes to our health, we believe that the doctor’s diagnosis can only be correct and as patients, we don’t even think to question. Instead, we just accept the information given to us as the only option available – after all, all doctors study the same information and have accreditation, so must know what they are talking about...right?

We should, however, start to question why the prescribed medicines focus on treating mainly the symptoms, as opposed to healing the condition. Not to mention that we often gain more complications due to the side-effects of the prescribed medicines.

We of course cannot tar all doctors with the same brush stroke, as there is a movement of doctors who follow functional medicine and have moved toward a more holistic approach. In this new approach, individuality is a key factor and therefore our health and medicines should not be generic, but rather individualised to match the needs of each person. It is indeed time for a new way of thinking, and thus with one voice, we need to push the new ideologies and embrace a New Way.
It's time to work together for the good of the people as well as the good of the regulator. Instead of focusing on what the regulator is doing wrong, let's rather focus on what is done right.
Canna Trade Africa (PTY) Ltd. has adopted this new approach and we are acting differently to most. We are not focusing on the negative and continually complaining about what is wrong. 
Yes, CBD and cannabis is over-regulated, and yes, the over-regulation has made business very difficult, therefore we have had to take steps slowly.

However, our focus is on the push for change and what is right. We drive the message of the “FARMACY”, or ‘Food As Real Medicine’, and understand that individuals cannot be separated from what they consume.

It is our Natural Right to live a healthy lifestyle. It is our right to live well. We need to change our approach to food and medicine, and we will discover that we have everything we need, right in front of us, readily at our disposal.Yes, CBD and cannabis is over-regulated, and yes, the over-regulation has made business very difficult, therefore we have had to take steps slowly.
Below is an actual test case as an example:
A customer came into our Sandton branch, struggling with hypertension.

It turns out that this customer is in a segment of society that has been raised on a diet of mielie meal (“Ipapa”) and meat (“Nyama”), which are catalysts for hypertension and high blood pressure ailments. Once we understood her condition, we established that, out of all of the 1000’s of wild-crafted herbs needed to assist with hypertension, it's Baobab and Sutherlandia (also known as “cancer bush”) that are needed to successfully treat the ailment in her specific system.
It just happens that these herbs are endemic to South Africa, readily available and inexpensive. This test case shows us that we have exactly what we need, at our fingertips. The answer is right in front of us: It is normal to get well!

We should actually expect to fully recover from medical conditions, as opposed to simply masking the symptoms with medication for the rest of our lives. We have the Natural Right to perfect health!
No one can regulate an individual's right to the wild herbs that Mother Earth makes available to us. No one can regulate our right to use plants as medicine and no one can regulate our right to food as medicine. This is the basis of the ‘evolt’, let us stand together with one voice, and let us move together into the Great Evolution. One voice, one industry, and we will see the winds of change.