ROCKING IT THE CONSCIOUS WAYCherry JonesI have always felt a passion for consciousness.
Sharing it, expressing it, expanding it, and creating it.
We all know that we are here to do something more than just live, especially the medicine people, which is us.
 We are here to create and to renew.

This process started for me with music, I was and still am a DJ, and play at festivals where people attend for the purpose of not only having a blast but having a spiritual experience that makes them more aware of who they really are, especially the music.
This passion for moving people on a level that is subliminal, and elevating has always been my driving force in everything I do, and is the energy that now has transformed into My Happy Sweets.My Happy Sweets is the product of my partner and I, who wanted to create something together, that supported us and had a positive message for the world. With my partner, Howard being a vegetarian, and usually quite a happy dude, and my name meaning “sweet” in Persian, my heritage, My Happy Sweets was created, although to be honest, we only realised the above afterwards. The truth is we had a hidden agenda….. We wanted to spread positivity, and along with it, being able to create the most delicious range of vegan gummies. My Happy Sweets include a range of vegan gummies that are suitable for kids to grannies not too high in sugar and gelatine free. We also produce the best in CBD and CBD+ Gummies which we wholesale nationwide. Throughout the message is the same, consume consciously, and allow what you consume to assist in your consciousness.Our holding company Pure Brands, distributes a range of products all with the same ethos, and include beverage distribution including the top quality locally made CBD Energy Drink 420Magic, as well as the fill 300ml Glass bottle range of Coca Cola drinks.

 “The reason we choose to distribute the Coca Cola range is to assist in more conscious awareness for a beverage that is very widely consumed”.
The point of what we do entirely, is to enhance the conscious awareness of general consumption by providing a range of products that are unique, affordable and fast moving. The aim is to nurture the wisdom within, and the purpose is to assist in conscious evolution.Pure Brands
quality products for the conscious consumer that are unique and affordable
We love what we do and we look forward to sharing it with YOU!

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