The OneLove TeamDarwinism is ‘the theory of the evolution of species by natural selection’. Basically, the strongest, fitest of a species are those who survive.
It is also something I have spent countless stoned hours pondering about.
Human beings are a unique species, we have Evolved to value different forms of ‘strong’ and ‘fit’.
From a survival perspective, it became important for us to work together. One caveman was better at making spears, and one was better at hunting, kinda vibe. This ability for humans to work together employing their diverse skills gave us numerous advantages over other species - and we have thrived because of it. It became the tribes who stuck together, who survived.
This magazine, the device you are using to view it, the buildings around you - are all incredible examples of human beings working together, sharing different skillsets and joining forces to create both beauty and facility, function and form. 
The saying, “Two minds are better than one” sums up this “collectiveness” nicely. And this is the basis for all that humankind has achieved.
The problem is, some factions of society, have taken massive advantage of others, especially in this country. South Africa suffers from huge inequality, and this, amongst other things, is ruining us.

The #ImStaying movement in South Africa was beautiful to see, but if we are staying, we have to work together. We need to RISE as One Nation with One Voice against the abundance of antagonists to the cannabis industry in order to make ourselves heard.

Together we have a voice that can teach South Africa (the world!) that the responsible use of a naturally occurring element that can clothe, fuel, shelter, feed, medicate and relieve pain cannot be illegal, and must be available and affordable to all.
Join The Cannabis Trade Association Africa here.
This is the dream for OneLove.
And teamwork makes the Dream work.

OneLove papers are the result of years of research into what South Africans look fo in their rolling papers. We found some pretty reoccurring gaps between what was wanted, and what was on offer.

The papers are natural hemp, unbleached (you wouldn’t drink bleach, why would you smoke it?) and designed with today’s cannasseur in mind. Dimensions have been changed to create the perfect joint size without the need to waste. An added layer of protection and magnet keep the papers smooth and away from humidity.

The maul pad and tray allow for today’s on-the-go rollin', and there’s a built-in stash pocket for a section or couple pre rolls in the pack.

Enjoy the slowwww burn.
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