OLDY'S INFUSEDDanny DannhauserIt is a known fact that the cannabis industry world-wide has been rapidly growing.
The growth seen in world markets, seems to be very much proportional to the awareness of the growing consumer pool, and this seems to be to be consistent with what we are seeing in the South African market.

The Covid-19 pandemic and consequent government lockdowns have had an enormous effect on the daily operations of all markets. Retailers have closed down and consumer behaviour has changed dramatically.

The UN removal of the plant from the WHO schedules list late last year has been the most relevant change in world legislation to date. South Africa was one of 27 countries that voted to effect that change. Our local legislation has yet to reflect these changes and with the South African Governments’ performance in the governance department, this might still be a while. This UN is also expected to further define CBD and THC later this year which will also give the local legislators more direction.
The current changes to legislation seem to be an attempt by government to create an export market rather than cater to the South African consumer/producer. There is however no doubt in my mind that the people dedicated to the plant in South Africa will continue taking the fight to the government.
South African cultivation license holders growing CBD and THC for foreign markets products are coming alive and locally produced cannabis oils are starting to become available to local producers.
As the “Infuser” at Oldys’, I have been working with a leader in the local coffee retail space to introduce CBD infused coffee into the South African market space. This project has been in the experimental and testing phase for about 12 months and I am happy to report that the first 800 kg coffee has been infused with CBD and will be launched on South African retail shelf in the very near future.
When Oldys’ Infused was born it was always an Africa centric brand. A niche brand that aims to only supply African grown cannabis oils infused onto African grown coffee.The future is bright.