NEED TO EDUCATESally-Jay Strong“Sign our petition to help us align our civil rights into a well-balanced industry that can thrive.”
– This was our mandate to the people of South Africa, and BOY, did they respond!

Not only are hundreds of people signing the petition to align themselves in solidarity with the South African Nation and our NATURAL RIGHT to natural medicine, but they had a lot to say about it too!
Some good souls gave short testimonials to bolster our case. One lady said, “I have been legally buying Hemp products at Dischem for a while now. I didn't know that any form of it was still illegal.”

Others added “CBD is legal but not the real medically effective THC from the Cannabis plant which cured my migraines in 3 months after 40 years of liver damaging painkilling drugs from legal pharmacy” and “I'm also on CBD with THC for migraines. Was having migraines every 2 weeks, now only once in a while”

It’s always great to see that people are slowly becoming educated and using Mother Cannabis to heal themselves.
Many people just want to voice their support and are frustrated with the politics:“it's a constitutional joke. I have seen dagga pitte sold as bird seed in various pet shops for many years. Selling at R35 per kg. See for yourself!!”

“So for some it's ok to take drugs because it comes from the drugstore? But this natural herb is a problem? 😤  Some people!?! Just give us rights! Gods Earth this, not man's!”

“imagine telling god his plant is illegal 😤 those people who say it’s illegal will answer when their time crimes😁

“wish people would educate themselves before they hit the keypad. Plenty of reading matter on Cannabis. Please read. Oh and hemp and cannabis one and two of the same plant.”

“How uneducated you are. Cannabis CBD oil is not addictive. No amount of cannabis can make you an addict. Continue in your ignorance. It's actually the safest medicine in the universe for that matter. When you start adding stuff to it, then it's a drug.”
There are well-meaning people out there, using natural medicine to improve their lives and telling everyone about the miracle that is now almost legally in our hands, but who still need to learn a little more about this medicine.

Here is an example: “Dagga is Hemp, it doesn't intoxicate you it's Medication”

Sadly, others still have no clue, with comments like: “Hemp and marijuana same species but not the same? Either way both habit forming.”, while others can be quite impassioned in their ignorance or defence of the situation. 
The following are a few conversations that started in the comments section on our main Facebook page:

“It's a dangerous drug and you have a right to imprisonment if you use it it causes laziness and zero motivation to reach any goals and it makes you antisocial and it makes you a danger behind the wheel it also cause you to have temper tantrums and it leads to marital problems as it makes you to have affairs and it also makes you a bad cook and makes you prone to alcoholism and drug smuggling”

”Yeah follow the Nixon narrative and forget your own endocannabinoid system fellow human”

“really you must have first hand experience because I've been smoking for 20 years and I'm none of the above”

“perfect nothing wrong with some smuggling, Gets you all the hot Girls”

“It makes you a bad cook 🤣🤣🤣prone to alcoholism and drug smuggling" Where did you get your information from? Same place you smuggling drugs 😁

“dear Lord....which planet are you living on in you idiocy? You've just commented the biggest lot of rubbish I've ever read 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣
We at Evolved Magazine, do our best to get the information out there and to educate people about the FACTS…
So let me clear up a couple of simple misconceptions:

Cannabis, also known as “weed”, “ganja” and “Dagga”, is found at the highest concentrations in the female plant.

The full-spectrum, psychoactive affects you get are derived from the FLOWER of the cannabis plant. The flower has a very distinctive scent and flavour which distinguishes it.

CBD is derived from cannabis but has had most of the other compounds removed so that it contains none of the psychoactive qualities, but also loses a lot of benefits from the other removed compounds. You will not get high from taking CBD products. CBD isolate is ONLY the CBD.

Hemp is for production. Hemp cannot make you high. Hemp is used to make building materials, rope, textiles, plastic and many, many other things.

To demonise a plant like this is ignorance at its most dangerous.
There is SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE at your fingertips! Empower yourselves! So, we leave you with this enlightened thought:
“Please keep off the grass, other people want to smoke it.”