TREAT YOURSELF TO SCRUMPTIOUS VEGAN SWEETSPure Brands introduces their superb range of vegan sweets,
My Happy Sweets which are a delicious range of soft gummies, marshmallows, flavoured licorice, and Jellybeans, all 100% animal
product free, now available!
Their outstanding range consists of the following:Vegan JelliesSoft and naturally sweetened gummy fruits. These are the softest gummies in the Happy Sweets range and are made with all-natural fruit flavouring and organic non-artificial colours.Gummy bearsTeddy Bear Shaped Gummies that come in four delicious flavours: strawberry, lemon, orange and black current. A more chewy and firmer gummy with a gentle and sweet taste.Strawberry loveThese were initially created as a limited edition for Valentine’s Day and the month of Love, and were so popular that we decided to keep them going. Strawberry love, our heart shaped red, strawberry flavoured gummies are a definite winner.Fruity chewsDelicious fruit shapes and flavoured vegan wine gums which are softer and slightly chewier than the sugar-coated varieties. Flavours are lime, black current, orange, and lemon.Fruit slicesChunky, chewy, and fruity, our fruit slices are a wonderful, full flavoured and decent sized gummy experience! Flavours come in orange, granadilla, black currant, and strawberry.Milky wayOur sweets of the galaxy come in pastel shades of pink, yellow, purple, and orange and have a sensational milky taste, all without the dairy!Sour ringsDelicious chewy doughnut gummy rings of sour gummy happiness.Sour wormsVegan chewy delicious sour worms! It doesn't get any better than this! Pure Happiness.Red licoriceChunky red strips of vegan strawberry flavoured licorice joy.Blue licoriceSolid twists of blueberry licorice, created to delight the senses.JellybeansThe best jellybeans you will ever taste in your life! You have our word.Vegan CBD gummiesMy Happy Sweets offer the best in vegan CBD gummies made with pure ingredients that relax and calm.For more information on the Happy Sweets range visit our website or email