KOI CBDRob FrenchEmbarking on a journey pioneering into business with CBD, I knew a lot of work would be necessary to educate the consumer enough for them to trust us.
We have always gone the extra mile in order to make sure that we comply with the laws of our country in order to bring the best quality legal supplements to the people.

At Koi CBD South Africa, we only ever import legal cannabis products meet the legal requirements in South Africa. Even so, most of our shipments are stopped by port health for inspection and there seems to be some confusion within port health as to what is allowed and what is prohibited. These stoppages add anything from 7-21 days to our import times.

Koi have been making quality CBD products for a long time in the US. Unlike a lot of other brands, their products are all 3rd party tested in an independent ISO certified lab, so customers know exactly what they are getting. I think we’ve all heard accounts of customers buying what they thought was a CBD tincture from a local brand only to get stoned because it had THC in it too. Testing batches for quality control is of the utmost importance.
As much as I disagree with the current dosage restrictions imposed by SAHPRA – they are far too low – I wish everyone would adhere to the current legislation. Legislature should be based on sound research, effective and safe dosages, and requirements for truly independent 3rd party testing by ISO certified labs.

Keep big pharma out of it.
There are those pushing their luck with customs and importing strengths stronger than the max 600mg per unit allowed, which I totally understand. 600mg/unit or max 20mg per day is not a high enough dose for people living with chronic diseases, it’s not even sufficient for some people just taking it as a supplement.

Multiple studies have shown that a higher dose is both safe and beneficial. These higher doses should be available to everyone, without the need for prescription by a Dr or Pharmacist. People end up having to break the "law" to take or distribute dosages of CBD that is strong enough to be effective is an outcry.

We need to stand in unity as Cannabis providers to show the government and regulatory authorises that we are a group that are worth listening to we CAN be trusted. Breaking the law whether right or wrong causes problems for everyone else ... and makes us all look bad and undermines what we should be standing for.
South Africa has the capacity, space, people, and climate to be a world leader in this sphere. If we are not careful it will be monopolised by the rich, privileged, and big pharma.
If we take the right steps now, we could be at ground zero for fair trade cannabis farming. Small farmers should be protected, we need to legislate properly, and educate the police. If we do nothing and hope for the best, we will soon find ourselves standing behind in the dust.