FOREWORDCameron BramleyONE VOICEWhat an experience it has been to get an industry perspective on something as important as a unified approach. With a sea of various legislative challenges that attack the plant medicine industry, it would stand to reason that One Voice is the only step to take in order to fight the legislative onslaught birthed by SAHPRA, government and the SAPS effectively.

Yet a distant cry from some big players in quiet corners reveals the possibility that what once was a unified voice is now becoming a competitive minefield of playing the advantage. It is my opinion that the market must be regulated and those companies or people that have invested in the industry should get the returns they deserve. That being said regulations should not stifle a free market for the smaller businessman trying to make a living.

We hope to re-engineer One Voice into a place where all people are considered, and consumers are protected from the dangers of the array of side effects brought upon by companies and people not pursuing quality as a standard practice.

Now let’s stand together.
Make it happen.

September 2021