Myron KrostEvery day we hear this term, "Super foods". Daily we are being bombarded by more and more brands , all claiming their product has the answer to your well being. Lets demystify this super food evolution for you.The dictionary definition of a superfood is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”.In layman’s terms , a superfood is a product that occurs naturally in a specific area that has high healing property. Superfoods surprisingly are all around us and highly accessible.Today we are going to look at 4 superfoods: Sorghum, Cacao, Baobab & Honey.SORGHUMThere is an awesome ‘African superfood’ known as Sorghum, naturally occurring in the north of South Arica in Venda. This awesome superfood has naturally occurring micro-nutrients like ion, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidants, vitamins and anti-cancer properties. The population of roughly 875 000 have access to the high healing properties found within this food substance, however over time the population in Venda and all of SA started to predominantly eat the grain maze. Maze was introduced by the colonialists as a way for the population to eat a stable diet at a low cost.

The well known South African traditional dish "Pap" took over as a staple diet from the ancestral traditional "Sour Pap" that is Sorghum.

Today modern South Africans turn up their noses at Sour Pap and opt for regular Pap that is 90% GMO and lack all the amazing properties of our traditional African super food. This example just shows how accessible a superfood is but how we tend to dismiss what is right under our noses.
CACAOThe next superfood we will examine is ‘Cacao’. This superfood is endemic to South America however 70% of cocoa is produced by West African countries. Most people are aware of Cocoa , which is made by milling the Cacao bean roasting and heating up the powder to produce Cocoa that is stripped of most of the high healing properties.

This awesome superfood is known to assist with: Irritable bowel syndrome, digestive properties , lowering blood pressure, reducing diabetes, anti inflammatory properties and a host of naturally occurring micro-nutrients.
Most famously of all this superfood contains a chemical known as theobromine which is an alkaloid chemical. Theobromine has many healing properties and is a carbon copy of a cannabinoid, ‘anandamide’ directly translated as the bliss molecule.

Endogenous cannabinoids, commonly known as endocannabinoids, are chemicals produced by your body.

Due to the fact that this exact molecule is found in the cacao plant when an individual eats this superfoods ones anandamide are heightened resulting in a state of healing, bliss and homeostasis.
BAOBABAnother fantastic superfood is known as ‘Baobab’. This superfood is extremely special and is becoming very rare. There were 13 ancient baobab trees that are over 2000 years old and recently 9 have died.

This superfood stands out as the entire tree has healing properties therefore the entire baobab plant is used.

This awesome superfood traditionally has been used to treat almost any disease including: Malaria, TB, Fever, diarrhoea etc. The health benefits improve digestive health, support the immune system and general hydration and skin health.

The most well-known benefit of this superfood is the high amount of vitamin C found that is used widely for immune boosting.

We need to protect this invaluable tree , so that this awesome super food full of 300 healing properties is still available for the next generation.
HONEYDo you know that there is a super food that you use daily , it’s called ‘Honey’.

Not all honey is considered equal. Beware of honey that is imported as its often cut with sugar water.

If you want to use honey as a super food, make sure its natural , non-irradiated, not heated and is not over processed. This type of honey is know as ‘the food of the gods’. It has so many amazing healing properties including a natural antiseptic when used topically.

Its 1 of the 3 master Ayurvedic medicines and is known as a herb. It must be used cold and added to boiling water.

When using honey from your own area it is known to combat pollen based allergies . It has its own preservative properties and never goes off. It is normally used for energy and as a general feel good tonic.
Due to the rise in popularity of superfoods in South Africa, a result of synthetic superfoods or portions of superfoods are sold instead of the entire plant resulting in the consumer not obtaining the full healing properties.

Therefore we recommend an individual to analyse and question where their superfood comes from and must ensure that all superfoods are non GMO and are organic so that core heeling properties aren't stripped away resulting in the full health benefit.
Superfoods are here to assist you to be your super self but make sure you are getting the real thing and not falling prey to the fake super food revolution.