Anthony CohenI have been involved with organic medicines and have worked in the holistic healing sphere for about 25 years. When Elixinol, a United States borne plant medicine company, decided to expand internationally 7 years ago, I was recommended to them as a South African affiliate due to my knowledge and experience in the industry in this country and my contacts both here and abroad.I was immediately excited about the prospect but knew that there would be barriers to entry into this market, and a lot of ingenuity and effort would be required to break through the “bull”.

Even though the task was a little bit daunting, I rolled up my sleeves and, together with the Traditional National Health Alliance, prominent Industry leaders, Sangomas, Herbalists and Traditional Healers in our communities, we approached the law makers with the singular aim of removing CBD from the scheduled medicines list and making it available to all.
When we began this journey, there was NO existing business channel, and so we had to create the sector from the ground up with no defined parameters or guidelines.
Cannabis medicine has long been used in religions and cultures across the globe for its many beneficial properties and scant negative side-effects. The same is true for many other God given medicines that grow wild, to be used for healing, as is our birthright. The prohibition of any form of plant medicine is discriminatory to say the least, and can really harm disadvantaged and more traditional, culturally vibrant communities, forcing them to act outside of the law just to maintain their cultural practices.
When one tries to separate or isolate only certain parts of the plant, one immediately begins to lose the balance and harmony within the medicine, and so it starts to lose its efficacy.

This is precisely what has resulted after several conversations with our government and regulatory authorities. There is an ongoing battle to educate them on the difference and efficacy of full-spectrum CBD products, and the far less effective as (much as up to 30 times less) “token” CBD isolate.

Even after litigation, the industry is regulated in such a way, as to allow for Big Pharma to flog off CBD isolate products at hefty prices, with little to no actual health benefits due to the minuscule allowable daily dose.
Add to that, the fact that CBD isolate is only 1 of the 144 cannabinoids in the hemp and cannabis plant that contribute to its medicinal healing powers. With huge barriers put in place by international pharmaceutical companies via a seemingly captured regulatory board, our only option is to educate and push back harder. Not just to educate the lawmakers and businesses, but also to showcase the wonders of natural medicine to the average Joe and Jabu and give them the freedom to make healthier, more informed decisions.

Yes, there are massive and wide-ranging health benefits to regular consumption of Full Spectrum CBD products. We are one of only two companies in South Africa that use full spectrum CBD, because we believe in using the whole plant, as nature intended. It may take a bit longer to manufacture, and require more care, but there is just no substitute for the real thing.
In fact, the way in which cannabinoids effect our endocannabinoid system and work in conjunction with all our other biological systems to balance and enhance the existing functionality, leads us to believe that it should be moved out of the realm of medicine entirely, and thought of as a SUPERFOOD as it is a true supplement feeding an endocannabinoid system that has become malnourished due to zero cannabinoids in our diet for the last 90 years. Regular, moderate intake is necessary to keep an harmonious balance and healthy lifestyle.

Throughout history, before politics and profit, cannabis grew wild. Sativa Hemp was the most cultivated crop throughout the world in its many variations and strains. Animals and mankind alike used leaves, roots, seeds and flower and knew good health.

Over the years, industry and profit, politics and corporations have all but demonised this wonder of nature, and tried mightily to eradicate it completely, in favour of cotton, Petroleum, tobacco and pharmacology, among others. Fortunately, eradication would never have been entirely possible, however the damage was done.

Within a comparatively short amount of time, our livestock no longer grazed on those grasses, chickens and pheasants no longer ate the seeds and most of humanity that did still use it, did so clandestinely and mostly by smoking it for the psychoactive effects. Our bodies suffered and despite the rise of modern medicine and the promise of health, the opposite happened, and people have been getting more and more ill and new unknown diseases have risen up to affect us.
Finally, there is a chance at real natural health again! Anything less than full spectrum is never going to give you the full benefit and your body will still be lacking those vital components that have been lost to us for so long. Heal yourself the natural way.
We love plants. Plant medicine is our passion. Access to it for everyone is our mission.
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