Leonard Van De LuytgaardenThe rise of Bud Juice started back in 2017 when an idea was formed to introduce a range of biological and environmentally friendly smart plant nutrients specific to the cannabis industry.Smart Plant Nutes:
Nutrients that are bound using our proprietary blend of organic carbon carriers, effecting them plant-available when the carbon chains are broken down
Bud Juice was created, headed up by Ruth Chambers and Leonard Van De Luytgaarden with over 40 years’ experience between them in growing plants & plant nutrition, tested and perfected what we believe is one of the best plant nutrients on the South African market.

With all our products manufactured and packaged locally we are proudly South African. We find our products to be cost effective and simple to use, containing all the macro nutrients, micro nutrients and additives required for healthy plant growth and quality bud production.
WHERE DO WE COME FROM?Leonard has been in the marketing and manufacturing of plant nutrients for the past 25 years. Supplying horticulture, agriculture, forestry, sports turf and home and garden products, the company has been trading for 51 years and is well established in the South African market.

At present it represents leading manufacturers around the world as well as in South Africa with household names like Nitrosol/Organiksol Natural Organic Plant Food and Dip n’ Grow.

The company has since its inception branched out into various other product lines and now supplies not only plant nutritional products, but also soil wetting agents, rooting hormones, anti-transpirants, fertiliser injectors, equipment, and machinery.

Ruth's background is very diverse, starting off with a horticulture degree fuelled by an avid gardening family, then pursuing creative avenues as a digital designer in the "dot com" era. Many years of computers, marketing departments and corporate environments may have proven lucrative, but was soul destroying.

Lured back to the outdoors, mashing up both creative and horticultural skills, she worked as a residential landscape designer in and around Jo'burg for over a decade. While landscaping, an insatiable need to reclaim and rehabilitate any plants we removed from the site started (mostly due to the cost of plants and tight budgets). Propagating perennials, groundcovers and cloning soft to hardwood cuttings, personally obsessing over succulents, fynbos and air plants, the odd cannabis plant or 10 always to be found in and around the garden and greenhouse.

With the "Green Rush" looming, Leonard and Ruth's worlds collided in 2017 and that's where Bud Juice was born.
OUR GOALSBud Juice cares for the environment and therefore we have chosen smart plant nutrients based on natural bi products from various industries. This in turn assists us to supply products that produce higher crop nutrition with lower inputs.

We are also focused on educating and therefore provide a comprehensive “Learn” section on our website which we are updating continually.

We have also partnered with a premium producer of earthworm castings which are Eco certified and Lab tested by Ward Laboratories Inc. in the USA.

We supply premium coco coir sourced from leading suppliers in Sri Lanka. This we combine with vermiculite and a smart plant nutrient in order to give your seedling the nutrition required for the foundation phase of the plant’s growth.

Investing continuously in the enlargement, refinement and upgrading of our product range by combining innovative technological products manufactured by us and sourced from top companies, Bud Juice is the best choice for a reliable supply of premium products at competitive prices. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers.
Giving your grow what it needs when it's needed most.Visit us online today to find out more about our products.