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WHO ARE WEEcogreen Analytics is an industry leading company that will soon have accreditation, allowing them to test large volumes of cannabis flowers and oils.The need for cannabinoid testing is great in order to create the highest quality products. The international market will only accept product with Certificates of Analysis. Ecogreen Analytics and their partners strive to empower and assist those around them as well as pioneer an industry.ECOGREEN RISINGEcogreen Analytics has over 23 years’ worth of experience. Their vision is to rise up and pave the way in order to allow others to follow. Offering a gold standard service for laboratory testing as well as valuable partnerships. With their extensive understanding of food, environmental as well as pharmaceutical laboratory testing, they move into greener pastures, the hemp and cannabis industry.WHY IS TESTING IMPORTANTCannabis has always been used as a medicine; however, it has never been widely accepted. Due to the pressure for alternative, natural healthcare, Cannabis is now prescribed for numerous ailments. The need for testing these medicines, from buds to oils as well as standardising their production, is of utmost importance.

Companies looking to grow cannabis for the export into overseas markets will need to reach the lowest possible THC as well as highest possible CBD levels. Therefore, laboratory testing is key.
RISE UP"We are working with the necessary governmental agencies for our accreditation documents. We are jumping through all the hoops."
– Sonja Nel-Ondrejkovic -
The new as well as rapidly evolving landscape of the hemp and cannabis industry deserves a, calculated approach. Strength and determination as well as dedication; which means no shortcuts. With this in mind, Ecogreen Analytics is offering a service that the industry desperately needs.

Laboratory Cannabinoid profiling, the main service of Ecogreen Analytics which will include for now, CBD, CBN and THC, will open up the industry. In order to allow for export, final products must be profiled in order to ensure quality assurance and safety.
Figure 1: HPLC Device that the Ecogreen Analytics laboratory uses for their profiling
  • CBD - Cannabidiol - This Cannabinoid is non-psychoactive. The main use as well as benefit is its effect on regulating the Central Nervous System, reducing the intensity of siezures as well as aiding in anxiety.

  • CBN - Cannabinol - This sedative and sleep-inducing Cannabinoid is created when THC breaks down. It has been shown be a powerful medicine, deserving of further research.

  • THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol - This is the psychoactive as well as highly regulated Cannabinoid. Generally removed from medicinal isolates in order to ensure that these products can enter the international market and meet their standards.
HOW WE RISE"We make use of HPLC testing, this is the international gold standard right now for cannabis and hemp analysis. This method of testing is accurate as well as standardised."
– Greg Ondrejkovic -
The laboratory is set up with an HPLC machine that is the international gold standard for profiling. The laboratory operation methods in which they follow are awaiting SANAS accreditation. However, these methods followed are the same as other laboratory's which have SANAS accreditations. Ensuring that the tests are all conducted in a way that can be repeated as well as standardised.

The HPLC machine is able to perform multiple operations and run numerous samples one after another. Ecogreen's main focus currently is on their cannabinoid profile analysis. This includes CBD, CBN and THC. Within South Africa the legal limit for Hemp based products is under 0.1% THC. Their machine is able to detect levels this low, unlike the table top units on the market.
"Sonja and I discussed the table top, plug and play devices. However, the decision was unanimous. Seeing as we are gearing up to work with international clients and standards, this option would be in the wrong direction."
– Greg Ondrejkovic -
WE RISE TOGETHERAccurate standardised analysis ensures that products can enter any market.Figure 2: HPLC Cannabinoid graph that indicates the different cannabinoids as well as their concentrations"Some of our most successful projects we have pioneered include assisting one of our clients to be the first to get their Hemp microgreens into a major retailer. A real first for the South African market. Another interesting project involves assisting clients to get the correct and most viable strains for SAPPI for the paper industry."
– Sonja Nel- Ondrejkovic -
The company is in partnership with a large licensed grow company, Minerva Green. Through this mutual partnership they offer clients the opportunity to cultivate cannabis varieties under stable conditions. These cultivated plants will then be tested by Ecogreen Analytics.

In this process they will be able to ensure their clients products have an accredited Certificate of Analysis. These COA documents allow new, as well as existing farmers to break into new market spaces.
THE RISING FUTURE"The laboratory in Somerset West, Western Cape will become one of the country's first SANAS as well as SAHPRA licensed testing laboratories for cannabis cultivation companies."
– Greg Ondrejkovic -
The laboratory is in the works of expanding their offerings. With the addition of a GC Headspace which will be able to allow for terpene profiles. As well as residual solvents used during the extraction of cannabinoids. With the addition of supportive investors, the laboratory will soon have access to a new HPLC calibration standard. This addition to the machine, which they already have, allows the calibration for the testing of four other major cannabinoids, mainly THCv, CBG, CBC and CBDV. The standard also allows the laboratory to branch into extract testing and plant material.
"Rising in an ever evolving and developing industry. Navigating through ever more refined regulations takes strength and dedication, we aim to pioneer the industry. Empowering others to follow, adding laboratory consulting services to our current service offering."
– Sonja Nel-Ondrejkovic -
WHY WE RISEIn an industry that is becoming more regulated, Ecogreen Analytics is passionate about helping both the small and large local growers. They have the capacity to aid large scale production industry enterprises to gain access to larger markets.

Due to their passion, they believe the industry has the potential to change the financial landscape of South Africa. Creating thousands of jobs, in this way uplifting and supporting the traditional farmers. They are committed to playing their part in making sure that the compliance requirements are met through gold standard testing at accessible and affordable rates.
"We look forward to getting all of our laboratory equipment in place as well as running at full pace.
We strive for a standardised industry in which we can offer as much as possible."

- Sonja Nel-Ondrejkovic -