Steve CoetzeeIN THE BEGINNING ... SEEDS WERE PLANTEDI was introduced to Cannabis at an early age in my life, and used the herb recreationally for many years thereafter. I was always fascinated by the fact that “You Can Grow your Own”.

So, it all began ... Back then we didn't have any knowledge, none of the equipment you can buy now, and had only the basic SA land-race strains available.
After some years of growing cannabis for personal use and for friends. We started assisting other fellow green thumbs on how to setup their own grow.Seeds were planted, the learning began.
Passion started to grow ...
CannaLiving was Born!CURRENTLY ... VEG STAGEAt CannaLiving, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with the canna-curious, the first-time grower, the experienced cultivator, as well as those looking to rediscover cannabis in the legal growing space for personal use.

Every day, we are learning more about how cannabis can help people medically and assist people to unwind. In the new world of legal cannabis, our vision is shaped by a desire to erase the stigma and change the perceptions around cannabis and its consumers. Our passion is driven by the desire to educate and connect people to the wonderful world of cannabis.

We recognise that cannabis consumers come from all walks of life, and with different needs and levels of cannabis knowledge. We will continue working to provide an approachable client experience and to make CannaLiving an educational and accessible space for everyone.
FUTURE ... FLOWERING STAGEFollowing global trends, the South African cannabis market has also been on a strong growth trajectory and is forecast to witness significant growth over
the next few years - increasing by approximately 33%. CannaLiving wants to be part of this growth, we want to make a difference, provide jobs and up lift the community.

So next time you hear someone talk about how entrepreneurs, politicians, or investors are leading the charge towards legalisation, remember that none of this would be remotely possible without the incredible and sustained campaign of civil disobedience against these terrible laws spearheaded by the world’s underground cannabis cultivators — who vowed to “Overgrow the Government”.
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