THE GREEN SIDE OF LIFEMyron KrostThe cannabis industry is all about brands, when we began our journey in 2018 we discovered that this industry is a marketers dream.
This specific industry is held together firmly by the gravitation and evolution of the Stoner market. Hence, we pose the question of what is real, and what is just for the marketing of the buzz.

Is there such a thing as Indica & Sativa and the 1001 strains?
This is the question we will leave to you to research.

When we began back in 2018, here was a ‘stoner marketer’s dream to figure out ‘what is real? And what is Surreal?

By being one of the first 10 Cannabis start-ups that stepped out of the docks on a 24-month downhill slalom through the wild countryside, we did just that.

Together with our stagecoach of 8 horses, a mad driver and as many misfits we could manage to keep in the carriage. Those were the good old days where we figured out ‘The So Real’.
Our Story
Our story begins on the 18th of September 2018. Where 18 judges of the highest court in the land, the ‘constitutional court ruled in favour of the Davidsons judgment, this was called the ‘Zondo’ commissions.

Three friends came together and started a company called LTHC holdings. (Legal THC). This was to be a holding company of different cannabis entities.
However, the LTHC partnership was disbanded in May of 2019 and each operator took the PTY they were running and we re-launched Canna Trade Africa Pty Ltd (CTA) as the ‘Apple’ of cannabis with a “seed to sale” understanding of the industry.

When consulting with Schindlers law firm earlier that year, we found out that the cannabis industry was highly restrictive and there was very little that we were able to trade in, but, with eternal optimism, we kept Canna Trade Africa Pty Ltd and soldiered on.

(CTA), the brand was launched at the first ever cannabis expo that was being held in Tshwane. When I arrived on the Thursday to find the exhibition hall thronged with people, I now understood. This is the ‘green rush’.

Customers were in a frenzy to grab whatever they were able to. Suppliers ran out of everything very quickly. We however were not caught off guard.

Due to my past working in a family business and an accomplished marketer, we had wide categories, loads of cards, flyers, brochures, a website, and some of the most awesome limited-edition goodies on offer. That was our first taste of this mind-blowing new industry, set to take our world by storm.

Canna Trade Africa set out to be a focused end to end distribution company that was incorporated to handle Spades & Buckets.

We are of course speaking proverbially and are referencing the new ‘Green Rush’ to the ‘gold rush’ of yesteryear. The CTA brand was born out of laser sharp total brand penetrative focus. The actual brand graphic shows the movement of the new Global Cannabis industry and sector to Africa and then once we adopt the industry for ourselves back out to the world again. That is why this brand is so current and evolutionary.
Brands of Excellence
Canna Trade Africa (CTA) itself has three vital pillars and all our products sourced have to match the criteria namely, the best products, best protocols and the best price. In order for a product to fit the Canna Trade Africa category mosaic it must meet all 3 pillars of criteria. This is our value complement.

Next step in our journey was opening a showroom & retail store. We found a venue in the leafy suburb of Greenside. When we were standing outside the property and working out what to call this new site, it dawned on us, The Green Side’ (TGS), that is a perfect name for our new CTA showroom. We were not planning on creating another brand, but what happened next resulted in our awesome end user focused brand that basically chose us.

We were immediately challenged by some who took umbrage to this brand, resulting in us registering and trademarking ‘The Green Side’™. TGS was born out of diversity and conflict. The more conflict others threw at us the more we got stuck in and created this awesome new brand for the Cannabis & wellness market.

When briefing our designer on the image we hid a cannabis leaf into the name being the ‘R’ of the ‘Green side’.

All great brands need a simple but descriptive by-line, so we came up with our awesome byline, “your local farmacy and cannaporium”.
Our byline tells the end user that we are a local company promoting local products. We are focused on Food as medicine, and we are a fully stocked cannabis emporium.
In 2016, we started a give back business called Fresh & Healthy. We understood that the only way to achieve complete holistic wellness is to see our body as a temple.
With this we need to feed our bodies certified organic produce. Between 2016 and now we are the leading distributor of Certified Organic vegetables from our partner farm in centurion to your kitchen. So, it all really started in 2016, with our last brand, Fresh & Healthy.

We have now built a full wellness program that focused on using cannabis for homeostasis and endo-cannabis coaching. We then pair this with brain health and the reasons why we should eat organic. The next step is introducing superfoods and nutraceuticals and finally targeting ailments. This program has no charge as we believe that the Fresh & healthy lifestyle has to be shared.
Creativity in branding means we cannot create subjective content.

We cannot create brands that talk to ourselves as more likely than not our target market will not look at the world in the way we think.

Our team is all above 40 years old, so we therefore we had a serious challenge of building a brand that was going to work with the current market being individuals between 30 - 60 and be relevant to the future market of individual between 16 - 29.
This resulted in a different perspective of branding, that was achieved by our secret weapon being ‘Super Kate’.

‘Super Kate’ is our young designer who came out of her studies and landed her first job creating The Green Side brand. When Kate came for her first interview her brief was simply, ‘come up with a brand for the green side that will be current and clear to the future generation but will also talk to an older generation. ‘We were looking for some millennial magic.
This resulted in one of the most current and sophisticated brands with cutting edge creativity in the cannabis market. If you are looking for the best brands in the cannabis environment, The Green Side will titillate your curiosity, hypnotise your senses, and satisfy your desires on your journey to optimal health.

Always look on The Green Side of Life.


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