ISSUE 6The Cannabis for Private Purposes BillSally-Jay StrongUpdate - 22 MARCH 2022
The inclusion of a clause to authorise and regulate a commercial industry focused on recreational Cannabis use came as a surprise. The addition was suggested at the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services’ Meeting on 8 March 2022.
The suggested Commercial Clause denotes that the following criteria must be considered in order for the issuing of any such license:
  • the encouragement of local economic growth and investment;
  • employment creation;
  • economic empowerment and development of rural communities;
  • promotion of micro- and small businesses;
  • available local skills and skills transfer; and
  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, in particular in relation to the Rastafarian community and other cultural and religious communities which have been prejudiced by past discrimination on the basis of their association with cannabis.
As well as these suggestion from Dr. Barbara Loots:
  • harm reduction;
  • demand reduction;
  • public education and awareness campaigns in respect of the harms associated with recreational Cannabis;
  • prevention of persons under 18 to access recreational Cannabis;
  • prohibition of advertising or promotion of recreational Cannabis; and
  • population level monitoring of use and associated harms of recreational Cannabis.
In another so called “improvement”, punitive sentences for cannabis related crimes have been reduced as follows:
Class A offence: From 15 years to 8 years
Class B offence: From 6 years to 4 years
Class C offence: From 4 years to 1 year
Class D offence: From 2 years to 6 months
The final addition to the Bill is the inclusion of clauses speaking to medicinal use and palliative use.
The new suggested definitions of cannabis: “any substance which contains more than 2% THC per volume”. This means that the ban on home grown hemp could finally be lifted, and the industry could open up exponentially, branching out into paper, plastics, building materials, fabrics and so much more.
There have been special suggestions made to accommodate the Rastafarian culture and similar faith-based healers and cultures too. If this bill is finally passed, it will certainly mean a huge expansion of potential and growth within the industry spanning many sectors.

The Cannabis community, as a whole, feels that this simply isn’t enough. While it is, no doubt, encouraging to see the proposed laws being nudged in the right direction, there is still SO FAR TO GO for the possibility of a real fair and open economy to exist. While there are still massive limitations and the threat of criminal incarceration, the industry will never achieve the local opportunities and participation required for South Africa to truly benefit.

While we are still able, the “Canna-conscious” need to continue to educate the masses and unite to speak with one voice for our Future in this industry and beyond. 
Stay informed about any updates by checking back here periodically. We’ve got our finger to the pulse so that you can keep an eye on your future!

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