The Business of Organic Food
Author: Katherine Pretorius Ever wondered about investing in the organic food industry? Between 2022 and 2029, the organic foods market is forecast to grow considerably. As the Baby Boomers and Generation Z continue to shape food culture, the market is expected to grow steadily through 2022. Consumers are becoming more vocal about expressing their concerns about the environment, animal welfare, and personal health, which has increased demands for ethically and sustainably produced foods and other manufactured goods.
Here we list organic food businesses you can start from home.
Organic Juice Bar
Changing consumer perceptions of organic beverages, including juices, teas, coffees and flavored drinks, have increased demand for organic beverages globally. Start a business selling organic smoothies and fruit or vegetable juices from a juice bar.
Organic Gardening Service
Provide gardening services to those who wish to farm organically at home. Help customers grow their own plants and vegetables.
Sell Organic Baby Products
Parents and retailers are always looking for healthier perspectives. Baby food and baby skincare products produced using organic ingredients appeal to health-conscious parents.
Organic Market
If you have the space to grow fruits and vegetables, you could start a small-scale organic farm and sell organic items to customers online or direct from an organic market stall.
Organic Compost
Creating and selling organic compost commercially is a rising business trend. Using biodegradable materials with little to no harmful chemicals, this compost can be sold to farmers, compost vendors and home gardeners alike.
Organic Herb Supplier
Just like fruits and vegetables, herbs grown organically are equally important. Herbs can be grown commercially using organic processes and sold from home, online or in small retail stores.
Organic Snacks
Although the snack market is a tough place to start, people love snacking. Look for top trends and highlight that all ingredients are organic and contain no preservatives. Sell your snack online or at marketplaces.
Organic Food Blog
Promoting online organic products is another viable business opportunity, and your knowledge of organic products through food blogs is a great way to spread the word and earn money.
Selling Organic Products Online
Be it your own organic products or organic goods produced by small-scale farmers or manufacturers, selling anything from organic foods to organic seeds is worth a shot. It is a tough market to crack, so research is vital.
Organic Spices
Though there are currently a wide variety of spices to select from, healthy alternatives are few. Find a company that exports organic spices and sell them from your own online organic spice store.
Recent global events such as the pandemic saw consumers adopting a more holistic perspective on ethics.
People want healthier food options produced using ecologically sound and sustainable practices. Organic farms are generally better at maintaining soil quality and reducing soil erosion than conventional farms. They generate less soil pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are more energy efficient. 
They are also one of the many ways we can help make the world healthier by reducing our carbon footprint.

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