QUALITY TESTING SERVICES FROM FARM TO FORKPhoto Credit: Henry Be - UnsplashThe Sci Corp TeamSciCorp Laboratories originated from a management buy-out of the analytical services laboratory of Incotec South Africa in 2016.
Having over a decade of experience, we have been expanding our portfolio to offer a wide range of agricultural, food, and feed testing services. We are a DALRRD (Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development) accredited biotechnology laboratory with several ISO 17025 accredited tests, which are constantly expanding. We are passionate about the plant and food production industry, and our solutions focus on all its stages, from farm to fork.
Plant Breeding Support
SciCorp is equipped to determine the genetic profiles of seeds, plants and crops to suit various needs. As a result, our clients can accurately implement breeding strategies to ensure that crops with the desired traits are produced by knowing the genetic makeup of parent plants.

Our tissue and meristem culture services ensure bulk plant production of difficult to propagate plant species and ensure virus free parent material. In addition, embryo rescue are offered to speed-up trait introgression and overcome incompatibility of agronomic crops.
Seed Analysis (ISTA Accredited)
Our seed analysts perform various types of seed testing according to ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) rules. For example, seeds are tested for purity, germination potential, moisture content and pure seed weight. We also test for vigour to provide information on the ability of the seed to germinate in different environments, their storage potential, etc.
Plant Health & Seed Health
This relatively new division specialises in plant and seed health testing and includes DALRRD approved Phytosanitary testing.
Chemical Testing
In partnership with Eurofins Dr Specht in Germany, we perform a range of chemical tests on food, seeds and feed. These tests include detecting and quantifying pesticide residue, Honey authenticity, food adulteration, nutritional content, and much more. We also test for the presence and amounts of active ingredients on seeds, seed adhesion studies and essential oil profiling.
Food Safety
To ensure that food products are safe for consumption before being placed on the market, we test samples for the presence of microorganisms, toxins and allergens. Amongst others, our rapid microbiological tests for Listeria and Salmonella are ISO 17025 accredited and can provide results within 24 hours. In addition, we are constantly expanding our list of accredited services to suit industry needs.
GMO Testing
In cases where GMO-free certificates are required, we perform ISO 17025 accredited testing with quick turn-around times to determine the GMO status of the sample submitted.
Research Support
SciCorp can also provide support for research through consulting services and by assisting with method development and data analysis. We can also conduct contract research on selected projects.
We are the sole distributors of Anchor Germination Paper and Eurofins GeneScan Test Kits in sub-Saharan Africa.
We are equipped to provide solutions to suit your testing needs. Reach out to us, and our friendly and experienced team will be happy to assist.Phone: +27 (0) 33 386 1560
Email: admin@scicorplab.com
Web: www.scicorplab.com

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