will save the World
Author: Brett Austin It was not very long ago when every household you entered had some kind of store of natural foods and remedies that were made by either our parents or our grandparents, today this is not the case, but if you look around and mix with the right folk you will see a growing number of people are looking to yesteryear for answers to their many ailments that modern doctors and the pharmaceutical industry just can’t help. The modern age has come and gone, and our society has been hoodwinked by their inability to take control of themselves through understanding and learning from our forefathers and elders about plant medicines which was the only source of healing available at the time.
As the twentieth century and now the twenty first century advanced so did our medicine yet our health collectively is on a downward spiral and that is very evident by the state of all the people you see on a daily basis, just stop, and look around for one moment and you will see this with your very own eyes. People are very quick to visit the doc and get a pill prescribed for this ailment or that reaction to the pill they are now taking instead of looking at themselves and healing the root cause of the problem, and they do this unconsciously as they feel they can trust their GP, but in truth most, if not all medical practitioners are learning from a system that creates clients which supports big pharma and the bottom line “PROFIT”.

When you become conscious of the fact that your every action be it what you eat, what you say, and what you do and don’t do has an effect on your body you will in this moment decide to change. Most people believe slavery is a thing of the past but in truth if you’re paying for your health rather than creating it, you’re a slave to the system that will gladly take your hard-earned cash rather than help you heal naturally.
The pendulum however has reached its highest point and is again heading back to a more natural way of life, and you can see this with small pockets of people opting out of fast foods, growing their own foods, and getting back into natural healing remedies rather than being subjected to the poisons on offer by the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Again, we can’t put blame on anyone but ourselves as we have the power with our spending to decide what it is that we will put into our bodies and how we wish to feel on a daily basis free of ailments and medicines to keep us barely alive.

The plant revolution is nothing new, it has been around for as long as Adam and Eve took that very first bite, weighing us down into a carbon-based reality. Plants have been a part of our natural state of being from the beginning of time and for every ailment known to man there is a plant to heal that ailment.

Knowledge is your source of power and if you’re willing to take a trip down the rabbit hole you will find every answer you desire, be it for your own state of being or just the world around you, you will find the answers to the many unanswered questions that lie deep within you, we have the power to have, be, and do anything we want within this realm on earth, what are you choosing to be with your time here on earth?

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