Ammon RighiniWith so much focus in the Cannabis and Hemp industry on cultivation and now various extraction processes, one has to marvel at the vast array of avenues being formed with regards to creativity and revenue streams derived from what was once termed a weed.
With so many brands doing THC edibles, CBD and now CBG, as well as the recreational market, this Plant is literally rocking the planet.
When I decided to do the CBD infused, low alcohol wine it was on the back end of another beverage, I had worked on using Terpenes and CBD.

My decision to do this was to always stay ahead and come up with a new delivery system for CBD that to me seemed more decadent and classier.

As a creative person I am able to infuse my passion with something tangible, driven by my desire for pleasure, call me a hedonist if you must.

The wine was born over a patented honey and wine infusion for export. A very sweet wine going to China. It tasted almost like a kiddush wine, but sweeter.

We made contact with the perfect farm and genius, who is an award-winning wine maker with very high standards and principles.
The reason I chose to work with this particular farm in Stellenbosch, was due to the farming practices and the ethos of this particular establishment.
They practice bio-dynamic farming which means that no pesticides are used on the grapes. Glyphosate is responsible for many wine drinker’s sinus reactions and auto immune conditions as a result of consuming wines. Sulphates added to wine are used as a preservative, which also adds to nasal and allergic reactions to wine.

On this beautifully situated farm, butterflies and bees are protected in their natural environment. This was very close to my heart, so the energy was good, and the selection of wines were top quality. When choosing our bottles only the finest would do and our corks had to be sustainable, falling in line with the company ethos.

The Pheromone branding took a while to perfect and luckily for we, my Designer Gary and I, have a very easy relationship and we work so well together. His eye for perfection, years of experience and being on the same wavelength compliments the flow when we work together.

After meeting with the wine maker and explaining my vision as to why I wanted to have the honey infused wine blended with the CBD, it was agreed that this wine could solve a lot of issues for wine lovers, and this would be the first wine of its kind.

This is why, The Pheromone wine is actually referred to as a red blend. As soon as you add anything to the original base wine it becomes a blend and no longer a wine.

When going over why this wine was so exceptional, not only in taste but also in the problems it solves for wine drinkers, we grew more inspired and knew this blend needed a special name and a brand story to match, as we knew this was a very secret recipe with exact ratios having to be abided by. 
The Queen Bee controls the entire hive with her pheromones, so with that in mind and a study done in Germany in the 1920’s testing women’s responses to red wine, it was discovered that more pheromone’s were emitted by women after consuming it. Hence the name Pheromone was decided upon and the Pheromone Group Company was formed.
As we all know honey is the best natural preservative. By adding the correct amount, we were able to cut out the huge amount of sulphates used. Honey is also a known antihistamine which helps with the sinus or nasal responses.

However, the honey never rendered the wine sweet, which was the whole point. We wanted to keep the integrity of the wine and just remove the harmful preservatives. The soft hues of fynbos lingering after tasting this wine made this something very special to enjoy and savour.

The combination of the CBD infused honey was a winner when it came to the anti-inflammatory responses of ones liver in processing the wine and brain swelling after consumption.

Many consumers of this wine have stated that they can drink a bottle and go for a run the next day feeling completely fine and energised.
This wine is a one of a kind and I am sure it will set the trend for future brands and ingenious problem-solving delivery systems for CBD, CBG and THC.
Since ancient times Cannabis and hemp were mixed in alcohol to make a tincture easy dispensed over the counter. Times and laws have adapted to FDA regulations that seem to change with the politics surrounding any pharmaceutical or herbal remedy that threatens to make a difference to future profits.

This wine comes with or without CBD depending on the varying laws of each country.

Once the wine was completed, I moved my attention back to a product that I had wanted to make 2 years ago but left to percolate, so to speak.

A very simple and obvious creation, pure golden Honey, infused with the best CBD and packaged with our gorgeous pheromone branding. All falling in line with the honey and CBD infusion idea, it has eventually come to fruition. Pheromone having registered trademarks, this product is ready for the local and export market.

We support the Bee Project and donate R5 for every jar we sell to the bee sanctuaries to enable expansion and support for these very important creatures that play a integral role in our food supply.
Cheers to the bees and may the Queen 
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