Vanessa JarvisNeked is a CBD Dispensary, Cannabis Cafe, Art Gallery and Coffee Shop situated in The Country Hub Centre on the Main Street in a beautiful, small tourist town called Clarens. Clarens is situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in the Free State province of South Africa and nicknamed the “Jewel of the Eastern Free State.Vanessa Jarvis (49), a Business woman, Executive Music Producer and Artist from Johannesburg and Cape Town Founded Neked in Clarens in January 2020.The Country Hub Centre
Main Street, Clarens
“As soon as the Government gave us the green light I jumped at the opportunity to relocate to the popular tourist town of Clarens from the Cape and bring what helped saved me to market."

"I didn’t know what exactly my little shop was going morph into but I knew I would stock only the finest CBD and Cannabis products available. I want to be the Woolworths of weed” she says seriously. “At Neked we guarantee our Experience, the best Quality products and Consistency you can bank on."

Jarvis shares that it was also extremely important to her that she could share her story in an authentic expression of her healing journey and that is why she created Neked.
"I feel I have a responsibility to share my experience of this God Plant with with those who are interested."Jarvis adds that she has suffered from various cancers throughout her life, has had her fair share of mental health issues, as well as experienced way too many traumatic events.

This led to the book being thrown at her with regard to mental health diagnoses.
“I tried the prescribed medicines the doctors would dish out but the meds didn’t heal me. Just parked my problems and my quality of life just deteriorated due to the significant side effects. I always ended up turning to Cannabis. It was illegal back then and that brought so many associated risks and consequences. I’ve even done community service for been caught with less than 1g. My Medicine!""I have around 30 years personal-use experience with Cannabis in various therapies. I’m outspoken about the medicinal benefits of CBD and Cannabis and have even gone as far as to pulling an outrageous Neked Lady Godiva publicly stunt (that went viral) to bring awareness to my shop Neked and what I am doing here."

"Sharing my knowledge and experience and creating awareness is my way of paying it forward for what Cannabis and CBD has done for me.”
Jarvis is passionate that “I don’t just sell product. There are benefits to walking into my store. Besides that it’s a cool and striking space to be in you’ll be welcomed by experienced and helpful staff. We’ve become a bit of a 'family' business now and between myself and my Fiancé Daimon and our immediate families we have over 250 years experience in Medicinal Cannabis use. That’s a wealth of experience in anyone’s book."
The Koi CBD
range of products in-store
“We’ve healed ourselves and are helping others heal themselves too.”

“Cancer, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, ADD, ADHDA, Depression, Chronic pain, Arthritis, Sleep disorders, Epilepsy, Inflammation, Cardiovascular conditions, Epilepsy ... this list goes on."
“Our growth has been substantial, thanks to the support of the cannabis community and newbies trusting us with their journeys. We are very grateful for this opportunity.”

“We’ve had phenomenal success with our KoiCBD range from California. Beside the exceptional koiCBD oils and vegan gummies, they make one of our most popular products of theirs is the Koi Pain relieving roll on gel."

"So moved by the relief that the pain relieving roll on gel gave her, that SA singer PJ Powers sent us an unsolicited amazing reference available to read on our website and all of our products.“


Vanessa looks forward to welcoming you at her store.
Vanessa Jarvis

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