Joining the race
with Die Joint Koffiehuis en Kwekery
Cindy Davey PhotographyAuthor: Bruce Coetzee What defines a cannabis social club? In some instances, it boils down to principles that are essentially the foundation on which the cannabis culture is built. Amidst the developments that have seen South Africa fast becoming a leader in the cannabis and hemp sectors is the noticeable difference cannabis social clubs have made in communities and the national economy. Daniel Neethling is neither a wine master nor a champion swimmer; however, his list of accomplishments and continued efforts in the cannabis industry, and in particular as one of Die Joint Koffiehuis en Kwekerys founding members, has set him among the best in a sector that is set to change the world as we know it, on a global scale.
Die Joint Cannabis Social Club is situated in the North West province on the banks of Hartbeespoort dam, overlooking the awe-inspiring Magaliesburg Mountains. What started as a small social club in 2019, following the Zondo ruling that gave adult citizens the right to use, and cultivate cannabis for private use and purpose, has subsequently become an integral part of the local community.
"We at Die Joint Cannabis Club effectively offer a safe space, where members of the community can exercise their constitutional right to possess, cultivate and consume cannabis in private ", Daniel Neethling.
The club offers members various services and benefits while remaining involved with the community through multiple projects. Although primarily recreational, the club's manifesto is centred around educational initiatives that provide members access to free workshops conducted in a private space at the club premises, which endeavour to impart valuable knowledge in many aspects of horticulture. Some topics covered in the workshops include soil science and health, natural pesticides, plant management and fruit and vegetable cultivation techniques. Other vital instruction provided imparts detailed and educated courses in cannabis-related issues and general earth-related skills development.
"We are not purely centred around recreational cannabis use; we are all about education first and foremost and strive to change the stigmas attached to cannabis."
Die Joint has undoubtedly embodied the true nature of the herb. As a member, not only will you enjoy several exclusive benefits, but you have access to the club's private processing and testing equipment, which is available free of charge and is made accessible by seasoned professionals whose love and passion for the science and art of extractions, and processing bears evidence in the quality of products, and in the passion imparted to anyone keen to learn.
The last three years have presented many challenges and have been a testament to unwavering faith; founding and subsequent members of Die Joint cannabis club carry a reminder of the humble beginnings.
"There was an awful perception three years ago when we just opened, and people thought we were just a couple of pot heads opening a drug house on their doorstep".
Building a good reputation through positive actions and facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship with the community has not been easy; however, perseverance and determination have proved their worth.
"We are now a safe, family orientated and pet friendly venue where oupas, oumas, kids and that tannie you all know can enjoy picnics, braais and wholesome values devoid of alcohol and other social deviants".
The organic approach to all endeavours has seen small ideas grow into big "mother plants" that have helped by providing cannabis social club services and working" hand in hand" with organisations and entities like Cheeba Africa. Graduates who have participated in club workshops have support offered in the form of further formal learning through the Cheeba academy. Although the club is not a direct affiliate of Cheeba, they do support each other in many aspects, as Daniel affirmed through various calmative endeavours, such as educational incentives for club workshop graduates and bundle courses which Cheeba can proudly say "grows the gold!".

The club is a non-profit organisation and is currently helping financially support more than thirty families in the community. Other exciting developments are underway, as new projects will seek to establish a community food garden that will further open the channels of communication and inclusion, which our history has set like a stone in restoring unity as a people. As a non-profit organisation, Die Joint Cannabis Club relies predominately on the generosity of individuals to continue building the bridges of community and trust and, as such, is always grateful for any assistance.

In what is now fast becoming a booming industry and, for many, a lifestyle choice, we often find ourselves yearning for a more authentic view of the cannabis culture. With a great sense of generosity and love, we occasionally come across joints that encompass the grinding and rolling of the cannabis movement, pinning the cornerstones of the cannabis community in their actions. 

Be sure to stop at Die Joint Koffiehuis en Kwekery next time you are in the area, where Daniel and the tribe at Die Joint would love to welcome you into their little slice of paradise!

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