FOREWORDCannabis, Technology, Laws, Integrity and TrustAny industry has fly by night companies operating in it, the challenge with the cannabis wellness industry and other plant medicine classes is the stigma it has been steeped in for centuries.

As an industry we face far more challenging odds than any other industry, therefore our commitment to being trusted brands should be top of mind and held in the highest regard always by all stakeholders.

In order to free natural medicine from the chains that bind it, making public industry-based mistakes is contributing to the already difficult journey we have been facing for so long. Evolved Magazine is striving to improve stigma at every level, and it is our highest priority at all times. We do this for ourselves, for our stakeholders and for the many consumers that enjoy our magazine.

This dedication and ongoing improvement through mostly innovative thought, pioneering process and understanding technology is what sometimes delays us in our timing.

Despite these challenges we choose integrity and trust over everything. I would like to thank all our contributors for their endless support and believe in what we are trying to achieve.

Enjoy the read.

Trailblazing Partners - Issue 6


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