DELICIOUS Wickedness at Wicked Café 
Author: Janeske Schoonderwoerd Wicked Delicious was a lifelong dream that has come to fruition. During the 2020 Covid pandemic, I lost my job and so my partner, Leandi Swanepoel and myself decided to start something new. We both came out of the hospitality industry and knew that with Leandi as chef and me as front of house, we could make it work. We both have a passion for food and there’s no better compliment for us, than a satisfied client. Leandi’s passion for food goes so far back, that becoming a chef was the only option. Every chef likes to be challenged, and Wicked Delicious was this challenge. Leandi began cooking with cannabis a few years ago when she started using it in her meals as a natural alternative to using pharmaceuticals prescribed for Fibromyalgia.
Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system but no opioid uptake system, so initially she was extremely skeptical. If she had not tried it for herself, she’d probably still be in that frame of mind. Cannabis has truly been a life changer for her and that is one of the reasons why the infused evenings are a little more informative than the average meal out. They help to educate and bring a medical twist to a fun experience while exploring everything the plant has to offer.
There are so many positive effects of responsible cannabis use: from helping to add creativity in planning new menus, to helping Leandi sleep or reduce pain. One cannot deny that cannabis is much more than just a recreational substance.
It was while we were working on our Wicked Delicious concept, that we discovered Tiny Town. We spent every day there, developing our new business concept. As we didn’t have a location, we decided to start Wicked as an online platform from home, where we offered heat and eat meals, meal boxes and personalized catering services.
We spent a lot of time at Tiny Town. This was where we came to chill and get creative, smoke and work on new ideas and recipes. I still remember Leandi and myself dreaming up menus and discussing how we’d love to do the food there. So, after an event we’d catered for, we put a little treat box together and took it through to the team at Tiny Town, because you never know… And the rest is history!

Our dream would not be possible without our exceptional team. Christian, our Executive Chef, runs the kitchen and has become a part of the family. Besides being an exceptional person, he has contributed so much to Wicked and helps to create inspired new dishes for the menu. He is assisted by Deborah, who is on her way to becoming a great chef.

Our food speaks for itself. So you have to try it! If you love burgers, then you’ll have to try our new Tropical Heat Burger. Select from either a beef or chicken patty, topped with smoked jalapenos, mozzarella and pineapple chutney. And our Monster Mac burger topped with bacon, sandwiched between two deep fried mac and cheese patties, will leave you in a state of bliss. Got the munchies? Our deep-fried Bar One will satisfy any chocoholic’s dreams. We also have vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

Our goal is to ensure that Tiny Town is the cannabis social club with the best food in town. Our Infused Fine Dining events are establishing themselves as a cannabis foodie’s paradise. So, make sure you join us. You really don’t want to miss out.

Q & A with Leandi

When did you start cooking with cannabis?
I came from a fine dining background and wanted to incorporate this into what we offer at Tiny Town, so that’s how our infused fine dining started in 2021. When I first started researching for the infused evenings, I found that up to 90% of the edible offerings available were either gummies or brownies. So, I decided we would step it up and offer an experience that no one out there was offering. A fine dining four course infused meal with full spectrum terpene, thc and cbd infusions. We take your senses on the magical tour that is cannabis.
We keep our dosages mild to ensure that nobody has a bad experience. We also inform our clients of exactly what’s in their meals and educate them on the different strain and terpene properties and how they benefit the body. We live with all these magical elements around us that we never noticed or acknowledged. Our aim with the infused dining is to provide a unique cannabis experience that changes the way you see edibles and the magical plant that is cannabis.

What’s your favorite meal to prepare at Wicked Café?
The peanut butter French toast with caramelized bacon and syrup.

What’s the crowd favorite at Wicked?
The Tiny Town burger or the chicken strips. Perfect munchie food.

What’s your favorite infused meal to prepare at wicked Café?
The Maroela Lychee Pork Belly.

Is cooking with cannabis hard?
No, it’s like working with every other ingredient that requires a bit of prep. Once you have the formula right and know your ingredients and their properties, you can create endless culinary experiences.

What’s the funniest experience you’ve had with an infused dinner?
One of our customers lifted his Kudu steak into the air, tapped it with his knife and laughingly exclaimed “I can’t feel my limbs!!!”


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