ISSUE 6Cultivating Healthier HabitsClifford GiesenowLeafolo™ is now 3 years old, and a truly recognisable African brand in the fledgling South African Cannabis industry. Developed to provide a healthier alternative to Tobacco as ‘The Perfect Mix’, this blend of smokable plants helps to make Cannabis burn better and ‘smoke smoother’, in both a joint or a bong.
It was formulated by founder, Clifford Giesenow on his return from a trip to the Middle East, where he saw the concept. “I was looking for something else to mix my weed with instead of Tobacco as I did not want to get addicted to nicotine, having lost my father and uncle to lung cancer from smoking cigarettes” says Cliff.
Leafolo™ contains Lions Tail (Leontus leonorus) a uniquely African plant which grows as a weed in many parts of Southern Africa. This is mixed with other botanicals in an FDA approved food grade factory In Johannesburg, where the product is hand made. Ingredients for Leafolo™ are sourced from the birthplace of man – the Cradle of Humankind as well as the Cederberg area in the western cape where they are sustainably sourced, wild harvested and grown in pristine conditions with clean air and clean water.
Almost 1 year ago, Leafolo™ launched the country’s first smokable hemp product, being a high CBD, very low THC blend that contains a very Good Cannabis strain grown on a licensed farm near Johannesburg. Other blends are currently in development and Leafolo™ has engaged with both local and international herbalists to formulate the best possible smoke blends with a range of uniquely African plants found only in Southern Africa. The western cape is a region of incredible biodiversity, with the Cape floral kingdom being the smallest and most diverse on the planet. It turns out that there are other smokable plants besides Tobacco and Cannabis, and Southern Africa has some interesting ones.
Leafolo™ works with local and indigenous plants and is in the process of commercializing and scaling up cultivation and production with a view to being one of the first global African Cannabis Brands having begun small scale exports to Macedonia, a country with a strong smoking culture. In so doing, and as it grows, the company is aiming to beneficiate local First nations people (the Khoi and San) over the long term as it becomes profitable, and Leafolo™ plans to give a percentage of profits to these people on a similar basis to how this is done for Rooibos.
Sold in over 300 stores nationwide in South Africa, Leafolo™ is cultivating an African story for the world and hopes to be launching globally at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin in July of 2022.
For a more considered, holistic blended smoke. Homegrown in the southern sun and picked with care. Proudly South African, with love.

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